We’re pretty excited about the idea that any body can be a beach body. We’re stoked to celebrate body positive bloggers, do feel-good challenges and shop bikinis for every shape this summer. This is really a positive change from how summer bodies are usually written about (um, Oprah get with it, everyone can wear a crop top) and it’s refreshing and much needed.

The latest buzz from the movement comes from the magazine Wear Your Voice, which has started a campaign to reduce body shame at the beach and it is seriously so inspiring. The #DropTheTowel hashtag and accompanying photo shoot was launched to get women to stop hiding their bodies and be proud — and that’s just what nine women from the magazine’s staff did. In a before-and-after type series, the gang is shown shrouding their bods with their beach towels and looking extremely uncomfortable. But once those towels come off in a very ta-dah kind of moment, revealing a variety of body types (which is really just a small sample of the kinds of bodies there are on beaches all over) in colorful bikinis and cool one-pieces that would be a crime to cover up anyway, their confidence soars. Look at how much happier they look, towel-less and fancy-free!

As Rachel Otis wrote for Wear Your Voice, “together we are taking a stand against this body shaming act of hiding by reminding you that yours is perfect exactly as it already is — and deserves to be free and frolicking all summer long!”

This photo shoot is an important step towards all bodies being accepted and celebrated. The fact that this is just one of many campaigns (hello, ModCloth, hello Tess Holliday) encouraging body positivity this summer makes us hopeful that soon bodies like these won’t be seen as exceptions to the beauty rule and will instead be just the norm. We’re moving into a more loving place, y’all.

So rock your beach bod this summer shame-free, just make sure to bulk up on the UV protection in other ways (like making your own). #DropTheTowelButAlsoWearSunscreenOkay?

What are your favorite beach looks? Tell us in the comments!

(h/t Wear Your Voice, photos courtesy of Wear Your Voice)