We’ve seen Keurig type machines that can make cocktails and beer and soda but now, there’s a way less party friendly version of the same idea. Then again, ain’t no party like a Campbell’s Soup party.


Instant beverage giant Keurig teamed up with Campbell’s to make a K-cup with soup in it. According to their website, these cups come in two flavors, Chicken Noodle and Southwest Style that includes roasted corn, red peppers and spices. For those of you going “um how do the noodles fit through that little hole?” — you don’t. You make it ramen-style by emptying the dried noodles into your bowl (or mug, if you want to run with the theme) and running the K-cup broth pod through the machine and let it drip right into it. Each cup is about 70 calories and a box of eight cups is currently going for $11.99.


We have some concerns: A) Won’t this make your soup taste like coffee? B) Won’t this make your coffee taste like soup? C) Is it really that time consuming to microwave a bowl of soup? And D) Why has Cup of Noodle refused to comment!?


Still we’ll reserve total judgement of this Jetsons-esque invention until we try it. Who knows, it could be the cool office lunch for fall. Stay tuned!

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(Photos via Keurig)