Calling all creative folks! Need a new iPhone case? And not up for customizing and creating your own? While there are tons of gorgeously designed cases with beautiful patterns, funny phrases, and glitter all over them, there are just a handful of cases that have that extra special something DIYers dig. From clipboards to cross-stitch, each of these cases is sure to take your love of making to the next level.

1. Holga Lens ($26): Oh Holga, how we love you. Turn your iPhone into a veritable color wheel camera with this clever case. We love the idea of taking a colorful series every day. (Also available for $15 for the Samsung Galaxy.)

2. Switch Easy Kirigami Hearts ($25): Topped with playful 3D heart and butterfly cutouts, this case comes with interchangeable metallic inserts so you can mix things up as you like. With spring in the air, we’re definitely digging the butterfly look.

3. Little Black Book ($40): It looks just like a Moleskine! Taking a cue from the folks at DODOcase, this little number is great for folks who like a more analog look for their digital devices.

4. Colorways Case ($30): How cool is this? With so many color options, it’s a pretty great way for practicing your color theory skills. Plus, it’s just plain fun to put together.

5. Cross-Stitch Case ($7): This is one of those cases that we’ll just never get over. It embodies tech meets handmade in a colorful, beautiful, and simple way. The kit comes with thread as well as a booklet with design ideas. Rumor has it a couple Brit + Co. staffers have been working on their own designs – stay tuned for results!

6. Cubit ($30): We like to think of this case as a real life Tetris board. Created with the idea of letting the user make custom patterns and designs, we’re guessing this could easily turn into a pretty sweet travel game.

7. Clipboard Case ($22): Still taking notes by hand? Us too. And we’re almost always toting around our Moleskine journals (or better yet, Evernote Moleskine journals) right alongside our iPhones. This sweet case makes the act of taking notes even more seamless. Perhaps some of that magical Evernote paper is in order?

8. Pegit ($40): Quirky may have been the first company to release iPhone 5 case concepts before the phone itself was even released. We’re still swooning over the Pegit, a case that comes with six interchangeable panels so you can change up the colors and look of your case in just a few quick snaps. P.S. Too Pegit to quit?

9. iFoolish ($30): Modeled after the classic Etch-a-Sketch, the iFoolish is a case that lets you draw to your heart’s content whether or not your phone is offline or out of battery. The case itself is the gadget and if you make a drawing so beautiful you need to save it, simply pop your phone out and snap a pic. See also: The Etcher iPad Case.

10. Readycase ($45): For the DIYer who can’t help but want to fix things wherever they go, the Readycase is a case with the Boy Scout in mind. It’s got a multi-tool which serves as a bottle opener, a flat head screwdriver, and a standard and serrated blade… perfect for crafting wherever you find yourself, and for opening a nice, cold beer anytime, anywhere.

Bonus! Measuring Tape (Concept): This case concept is actually what inspired this whole roundup. Why does this case not exist yet? Please DeWalt, make it happen!

Another Bonus! Polaroid Printer (Concept): And last, another dream. A case that prints your photos on-demand, made by Polaroid. Our fingers are crossed that something like this comes out soon. If a smartphone attachment can scan your photos, why not print them?

What’s the coolest or most creative iPhone case you’ve seen? Tell us in the comments below.