Remember those funny Halloween costumes we鈥檝e been laughing about for days? Well, we鈥檝e discovered something even better: pretty much any costume on a cat. Halloween isn鈥檛 only about creepy or clever costumes, face-transforming makeup and all that fake gore. It鈥檚 also about some of the warm and fuzzy parts of life too 鈥 like forcing your feline friend into a mini-outfit. So in the name of October 31 shenanigans, get a few laughs in while enjoying these cats in get-ups. And then really think through whether or not your kitty will turn your house into a crime scene if you make her part of the group Halloween costume this year.

1. Octo-Cat: Give your meow six more legs and a sparkly underwater costume for max cuteness.

2. Franken-Cat: We love this feline twist on the classic horror film! Have more kit kats? Dress them up as Bride of Franken-Cat and Dracula and you鈥檝e got the whole crew!

3. Sailor Kitty: Outfit your furry friend in a seafaring sailor suit.

4. Teddy Bear Cat: Can your little furry friend get any furrier and more squeezable? Apparently so!

5. Sushi Cat: SOMUCHYES. (via Laughing Squid)

6. Sphinx Cat: Your BB will walk like an Egyptian when you make her into a gorgeous kitty kween.

Sombrero Cat Halloween Costume

7. Sombrero Cat: Sombrero Cat is the next internet sensation 鈥 we鈥檙e sure of it. Because a cat in a sombrero is always a good idea. (via The Berry)

Old Hollywood Cat Halloween Costume

8. Old Hollywood Cat: Ah, this cat captures the raw emotion and vintage charm of Old Hollywood glamour at the bathhouse. We think that shower cap is totally retro-chic. (via Tumblr)

Elephant Cat Halloween Costume

9. Elephant Cat: A more sophisticated elephant has never before graced the internet! Crossing her paws, no less. (via The Kitty Bloger)

I'm Not Famous Cat Halloween Costume

10. 鈥淚鈥檓 Not Famous鈥 Cat: Remember when Shia LaBeouf stuck a paper bag on his head that read, 鈥淚鈥檓 Not Famous Anymore?鈥 Well, we think that if that鈥檚 the look this cat is going for, it鈥檚 rocking it. (via Attack of the Cute)

Thanksgiving Cat Halloween Costume

11. Thanksgiving Cat: If you thought Thanksgiving was about gratitude, you were wrong. One look at this cat鈥檚 face tells the true story! (via Attack of the Cute/Fox in the Pine)

Police Cat Halloween Costume

12. Your Fright Shop Cat Police Costume ($19): Don鈥檛 mess with this guy. We鈥檙e pretty sure that鈥檚 a miniature cat-taser (AKA claws) in his paw.

Superhero Cat Halloween Costume

13. Super Cat: Wow! This is one of the best action shots we鈥檝e ever seen. This cat should totally be a cape model. (via Woman鈥檚 Day)

Goat Cat Halloween Costume

14. Goat Cat: This cat really does make for an adorable goat, even if he looks a little sad about his posing duties. We think this costume is a keeper. (via Woman鈥檚 Day)

15. Unicorn Cat: Yass. We鈥檙e hoping to see many more unicorn kitties this Halloween. The doll-rider is optional (depending on how tolerant your kitty is).

16. Hamburger Cat: We鈥檒l take one with everything including the whiskers!

17. Harley Cat: Harley Quinn costumes aren鈥檛 just for people anymore. Your fur-covered friend can be a tricky villain too, now!

Hat Cat Halloween Costume

18. Hipster Cat: What a cutie! Even if you can鈥檛 find perfectly sized cat glasses, don鈥檛 give up hope. We鈥檙e sure the cat-sized beanie of your dreams is out there somewhere! (via Teal + Tea)

St Patrick's Day Cat Halloween Costume

19. St. Catty: This punny kitty is dressed up in honor of St. Patrick鈥檚 Day. We think he does such a fine impersonation that a name-change for the holiday should be considered 鈥 鈥淪t. Catty鈥檚 Day鈥 sounds about right. This costume is purr-fect for Halloween too. (via The Dainty Squid)

Lobster Cat Halloween Costume

20. Lobster Cat: This costume is hilarious and also a little bit sad (for the cat and all lobsters everywhere). Brownie points for the awesome photo shoot skills, though. (via Kitty Bloger)

Sun Hat Cat Halloween Costume

21. Cat in a (Sun) Hat: What a cute way to feminize the classic cat-in-a-hat idea. This punny costume is a winner. (via urbanashi813)

Bunny Ears Cat Halloween Costume

22. Bunny-Ears Cat: While the hat and ears are the costume, let鈥檚 not underestimate this cat鈥檚 wonderful modeling skills. He gives the Energizer Bunny a run for his money. (via Urbanashi813)


23. Bunny Cat: This cat is the very picture of relaxation. We鈥檙e going to be happy about this picture for days. (via Mel Cat)


24. Pawsome Couture Amazing Minions Cat Costume ($50): These are the most adorable minions we鈥檝e ever seen. The costumes work best with more than one. We鈥檙e completely obsessed.


25. Explorer Cat: Here鈥檚 the front view of a cat in a sun hat. We think this little guy looks like an explorer. Indi-catta Jones, anyone? Anyone? (via Sisin Maru)


26. Steampunk Cat: Grab a hat, cut some ear-holes and attach clocks. What could be simpler? (via Steampunk Steampunk)


27. Meowington鈥檚 Bumble Bee Cat Costume ($48): Awwwwww! This costume is worth it for the little pom-poms on the hood. (via Meowingtons)


28. DIY Chef Cat: This cat is not about to let Ratatouille have all the fun. (via HGTV)


29. Pilgrim Cat: Wow! This cat needs to meet Thanksgiving Cat. We are so impressed with her detailed costume and posing skills. (via Give It Love)


30. Strawberry Short-Cat: So. Stinking. Cute. (via Tendencee)


31. Suddenly Cat Pirate Costume ($25): This pirate costume is amazing. Plus, film your cat running and turn it into a GIF; it might just go viral. Oh wait, that鈥檚 been done.


32. Kitty MD: Yes! If you鈥檝e missed E.R. or Grey鈥檚 Anatomy鈥s early days, here鈥檚 a way to make lemonade out of lemons. (via The Chive)

33. Cat-Cow: Calling all yogis! Get punny with your cat and dress him up as one of the classic cat-cow postures.

34. Tiger Cub: This little Bengal already looks the part! We are so in love with the adorable mane-d look.

35. Harry Paw-ter: Woohoo! Finally, a costume for Potterheads that truly does the series justice. Getting your pet in on the action is the best idea yet.

36. Woody from Toy Story: Any Pixar lover鈥檚 cat costume dream. The fact that this cat is busting out of its Woody costume makes it even funnier.

37. Mario: Any cat can dress up as Mario or Luigi, but not just any cat will have the perfect mustache marking to match.

38. Batman and Joker: The Joker has totally mastered the evil-crazy look. We鈥檙e not confident that Batman鈥檚 gonna win this round, but the pictures you鈥檒l take will be priceless.

39. Devil Cat: How could something so cute be evil? Oh, it鈥檚 possible. All it takes is dressing your cat in a costume to find out.

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40. 鈥淗ot Dog鈥 Cat: Or a 鈥淗ot Cat.鈥 There鈥檚 nothing like a play on words to get the Halloween puns flowing.

41. Santa Cat: This costume had us at the Santa Hat 鈥 and then we saw the beard. Maybe you鈥檒l get to use this costume during both holidays.

42. Eeyore Cat: How much do you love the adorable downer from the Winnie the Pooh books? We鈥檙e guessing a lot. And this cat makes for an adorable Eeyore.

43. Monsters: 鈥淚 am adorable. Hear me roar!鈥 What do you think he鈥檚 really saying?

44. Princess Leia: Your cat was as excited as you for Leia鈥檚 return, right? Meow the force be with you!

45. The Life Aquatic Costume: Wes Anderson fan? Us too. This Steve Zissou costume makes for one cool cat. Seriously.

46. Batman Cat: Here鈥檚 one cat costume that lets Gotham (and the rest of us) sleep at night.

47. Dragon: This ferocious feline can鈥檛 help it if he looks like the cutest dragon ever. So adorable.

48. Crab: For the extra crabby kitty in your life. Bonus points for his adorable tiny shirt.

49. Dinosaur: Here鈥檚 a take on Catzilla that鈥檒l win you some favor this Halloween. We鈥檙e willing to bet this dino-cat makes for one awesome snuggle buddy.

50. Donald Trump: Make America great again 鈥 with this cat costume. Honestly, though, this is a really good start!

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