It’s Easter Sunday — AKA, for many people, the first major holiday of spring and maaaaaybe the first mega-feast of the year. Ham! Butter lambs! Dyed eggs and treats! It’s also a day for family and cozy home time, and our fave celebs are totally into it too. Here’s just a few:


1. Rachel Bilson showed off an emptied Easter basket with nesting grass splayed across the floor. “Happy Easter” read her simple caption, accompanied by a bunny emoji. Did Rachel plunder the loot of her 1-year-old daughter with partner Hayden Christensen, Briar Rose? It’s okay; we’ve all been there. (Photo via @rachelbilson)


2. Kristin Cavallari debuted a sweet pic of her four-month-old daughter, Saylor, in a teeny tiny tulle tutu. “What better day for Saylor to wear her first tutu than Easter?! #SoItBegins #GirlyGirl #HappyEaster.” We can’t wait to see little Saylor’s inevitable tomboy rebellion. (Photo via @kristincavallari)


3. Sophia Bush showed her hilarious side with these amazing emoji Easter eggs and the caption “Happy #Easter. Now excuse me while I go eat approximately 1,000 Reese’s peanut butter eggs…” Sounds like a plan. (Photo via @sophiabush)


4. Julianne Hough also flexed some holiday DIY skills, Instagramming her own bowl full of what appear to be tie dyed Easter eggs. (Photo via @juleshough)


5. Candace Swanepoel Instagrammed this darling pic of a baby in a bunny costume, just days after confirming pregnancy rumors with this mysterious Instagram of a mother and child. You love to toy with us, don’t you Candice? (Photo via @angelcandices)

6. Taylor Swift, ever the type-A personality, shared a video of herself and brother Austin engaging in what appears to be a legit competitive Easter egg fight. Hey, whatever, Swifties. Do you. (Photo via @TaylorSwift).


7. Nicole “Snooki” LaValle re-grammed husband Jionni’s snap of some curious footprints. Jionni’s original post was captioned: “Is she kidding me? Nicole it’s suppose to be a rabbit not a Sasquatch!!!” to which our fave little meatball replied: “LOL WHATEVER. Big bunnies come to our house.” Haaaaa. (Photo via @snookinc)

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