Ah, April Fools’ Day. The one day of the year when you can’t quite believe anything you see or read — even when it comes from your closest friends and family members. It seems our fave celebs couldn’t be trusted today, either, as they made abundantly clear with their barrage of LOL-worthy pranks and jokes. Check out some of the best we’ve seen so far below.

1. Paris Hilton invents better water. Last night, the 36-year-old released a spoof ad for “Nanodrop” to her Facebook page, a miracle liquid she claims will take the place of plastic water bottles as each drop is equivalent to 5,000 drops of regular water. While the video ultimately has a very real message — the eradication of plastic bottles (“Think how stupid and 2003 you look carrying your sparkling water home from the store,” she says) — Nanodrop is, unfortunately still nonexistent.

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✄ ✄ ✄ happy April foolz fwends ;) :P

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2. Gigi Hadid chops her hair. Gigi Hadid gave the internet a collective heart attack this morning when she posted a shot of herself with a short blonde ‘do that had her looking more like a cross between Paris Jackson and Katy Perry than the long-haired flaxen model we’ve come to know and love. Hadid captioned the photo with three scissor emojis, and later updated it to read, “Happy April Foolz fwendz. ;) “

3. George Takei is running for office. George Takei had plenty of people, including Sophia Bush and Mark Ruffalo, excited when he Tweeted a link to an article from The Daily Buzz, which proclaimed that the comedian was running for office — specifically, for Devin Nunes (the head of the House Intelligence Committee)’s seat. “I think Nunes is vulnerable,” Takei was quoted as saying. “And I plan to prove that. People are tired of his a**-kissing of Trump. Can I say that? I think I can. These days you can say pretty much anything without getting in trouble.” Eight hours later, Takei dropped the bomb that it was all a ruse, giving his endorsement support to Democrat Jon Ossoff instead.

4. Rebel Wilson had an accident. The Pitch Perfect 3 star gave us a glimpse of the aftermath of her on-set prank, which appears to show her laying on the ground injured as a team of people swarms around her. “APRIL FOOLS!” she shouts to the relief of the crew. GOTCHA.

5. Michael Phelps made a comeback. Michael Phelps had the world cheering when he announced that he was coming out of retirement, but Team USA called his bluff over on Instagram, offering up a lot of white space as a caption before saying, “#AprilFools.”

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