You know that uncomfortably empty feeling you get when you forget your phone at home? Yeah, we know it all too well. At first, it’s kind of an embarrassing feeling because it makes us think, “Wow… we seriously can’t go a day without our phones?” But then we realize that our phones store everything we need, from entertainment to productivity to reminders. Our phones can even transform into DSLRs or projectors with the right case. To add to the list of reasons we NEED our phones at all times, now there’s a way to check your ears for an infection via your phone. Seriously, phones have become the jack of all trades.


CellScope’s Oto Home kit transforms your phone into an otoscope. Rather than going to the hospital and waiting on a doctor, just to find out that all you need is over-the-counter antibiotics, simply attach the otoscope to the phone’s camera lens. From there you’ll have the choice to send your doctor a quick video of your ear.


Although each consultation costs $49 and the kit costs $79, using the Oto home kit saves some gas money, time and your sanity.

Do you have a little one who gets ear infections? Would the Oto Home kit be helpful?