Imagine: You’re cramming for a final and you’re totally drained — you need fuel ASAP, but don’t want to succumb to the unappetizing food that’s in the cafeteria. You fire up Chipotle’s new college campus delivery system via mobile delivery app Tapingo and BAM! You’ve got yummy, affordable and satisfying Mexican food en route to you and you didn’t even have to leave the comfort of your own dorm room for. Honestly, how #blessed do you feel right now, because this is REAL life.


The new service, currently avail at six colleges (LSU, USC, Cal State Chico, NAU and ASU) with 40 additional schools on the horizon, is truly something to be thankful for. You’ll just have to pay a $2.99 delivery fee through Tapingo and then wait around 25 anticipatory minutes for your glorious meal to arrive — just remember to reference those free burrito Chipotle hacks before you place your order (very important).


One little thing to note is that depending on your school’s location, a small extra fee may be tacked on (we’re guessing that’s for schools extremely far away from the nearest Chipotle), so if your school is a little more off the beaten path, it might be smart to place a bulk order for your besties in your dorm or for the first meeting of your brand-new campus club. We say a delivery fee is a small price to pay for even more access to Chipotle glory. Let’s be real: Greasy pizza and fries just don’t power your brain the same way a balanced burrito bowl will.

Are you over the moon about this news? What is your fave thing to order from Chipotle? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

(h/t Cosmopolitan; photos via @chipotlemexicangrill; featured photo via @chipotlemexicangrill)