Despite Chris Pratt鈥檚 goofy nature, he is still known to get serious from time to time: He鈥檚 a hopeless romantic, getting flowers for his wife Anna Faris every week, and when it comes to his job, Passengers co-star Jennifer Lawrence assures us he鈥檚 a total聽pro on and off camera.

Something else that he takes seriously is the discipline required to maintain his superhero physique, and even when body shamers try to tear him down, Pratt stays the course. He鈥檚 also, it turns out, serious about his snacks.

Currently in production for Jurassic Park 2, Pratt is sticking to his regimented diet (because let鈥檚 face it 鈥 you don鈥檛 get abs like that just by doing crunches!), but seems most interested in the snacks he gets to 鈥渋ndulge鈥 in from time to time. Using the hashtag #whatsmysnack, Pratt pokes fun at the uber-healthy, portion-controlled snacks such as egg and cucumber wraps that are part of his daily meal plan. 鈥淭hat looks gross, but it鈥檚 not,鈥 he says. 鈥淚t tastes good. My life is terrible.鈥 We feel you, guy.

In one video, he seems to be legit excited about a tiny sliver of olive oil pistachio cake and even sneaks it a day early, saving one crumb for the next day. It鈥檚 not cheating if you didn鈥檛 eat it all.

The most recent edition of #whatsmysnack is a glorious cheat meal edition. Pratt dramatically sings The Beatles鈥 鈥淥h! Darling鈥 to a plate full of cranberry, currant, butter, jam, and clotted cream scones as he devours them. Seven of them, in fact. Because you know what? He鈥檚 earned them.

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(Photos via Kevin Winter, Rich Polk/Getty)