Chrissy Teigen is known for her love of food and cooking, but that love backfired on her during a recent episode of Hot Ones, which features sit-down interviews with celebrities while they eat chicken wings of increasing spiciness until they need to tap out.

“I’m a hot sauce freak, I’m a hot wing freak,” Teigen said at the beginning of the show. “I feel like we’re gonna be okay, but who knows? I’ve seen some episodes.”

The model and cookbook author did fairly well throughout the challenge, deciding part of the way through that she was too full to consume the wings but would continue to douse the wings in hot sauce and lick it off. She started to struggle through the increasingly spicy sauces, though, and on Thursday, October 4, the day her season 7 premiere episode was released, Teigen revealed that she needed ongoing treatment to tame the tasting’s lasting effects.

“It took me two weeks of CBD pills to tame the constant twitching of my eyebrows after ‘Da Bomb,'” she tweeted, referencing a debilitatingly hot wing sauce. “But I’ve never had a better interview. I love you guys.”

Teigen filmed the episode in September, and the day after doing so, she posted an update from her doctor’s office. “I did Hot Ones yesterday. Now I’m at my throat doctor,” she wrote. She also told a fan that the Da Bomb sauce had “literally ripped” her tongue, and told host Sean Evans that her eyebrows had “gone rogue.”

By the end of the episode, Teigen was practically in tears as she tried to breathe through the after effects of the hot sauce while attempting to perfectly open, de-pit, and slice an avocado. We’d say she handled it like a total pro.

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(photo via Theo Wargo/Getty Images)