Model, TV personality, cookbook author and Mrs. John Legend Chrissy Teigen聽is under no聽illusions when it comes聽loving food 鈥 and having to work for her body. Her tagline on her blog, So Delushious! is 鈥減ersonal ramblings from a girl who loves bacon but who can鈥檛 be fat.鈥 That basically says it all, and explains why America is totally obsessed with her.

She鈥檚 opened up about her pregnancy struggles, shared how she cries when she has to eat healthy and shut down haters on Twitter left and right. But we love when she (and John!) let loose in the kitchen, making everything from nachos to her mom鈥檚 Thai comfort food. For other expecting聽moms out there (or for those who are just craving comfort food!), here are seven of Chrissy鈥檚 most indulgent recipes for your most pressing food desires.


1. Sweet Potato Streusel Pie: Chrissy says that you could sub out for a store-bought crust, but she鈥檚 lazy and she can make this simple one herself. The key to a delicious silky pie? Sweetened condensed milk. Also, note how messy Chrissy鈥檚 counter is 鈥 this is no glossy blog that might tap into any reader insecurities. This is a real girl, really cooking.


2. Soft Pretzels with Spicy Salsa Dipping Cheese: Here she admits to loving the pretzels at Auntie Anne鈥檚 (who doesn鈥檛!?), but a plane ticket seems like an awfully high price to get your paws on some soft pretzels. And that cheese dip? She admits to loving Velveeta so much she 鈥渨ishes it came out a faucet,鈥 just like the rest of us do.


3. Sleepytime Stew and Easy Smashed Potatoes: 鈥淥ne bowl and you鈥檙e out like a thumb-sucking baby,鈥 claims Chrissy, who made this beef stew when she and the hubs went away for an anniversary weekend. Spoon it over red mashed potatoes and swoon. Sorry, John Legend not included.


4. Street Corn Salad: This recipe for Mexican street-style corn salad ranks high for Chrissy. She said she went 鈥渁ll giving up on life鈥 and used carb-y sweet corn, which gives the salad a complexity of flavor along with cilantro, cayenne, lime, spicy mayo and, of course, cheese. She had us at carb-y anyway.


5. Boursin Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breasts: This woman speaks the truth: 鈥淏oursin is a fancy cheese for normal people.鈥 She loves it, you love it, we all love it 鈥 and it helps keep chicken breasts moist and delectable (as does the proscuitto *and* bacon). Chrissy suggests pairing it with your favorite franchise of The Real Housewives.


6. John鈥檚 Breakfast Sandwiches: If she could eat anything several times a day, Chrissy says she would eat a Sausage McMuffin with Egg. A) it tastes like heaven (duh), and B) she says it reminds her of her childhood in Washington state. Due to her intense random cravings for it, John took matters into his own hands, assembling them for her at home (he swears they only take 10 minutes). He acknowledges this isn鈥檛 really a recipe but since it鈥檚 at the top of his wife鈥檚 Food Hall of Fame, he figured he鈥檇 write it down. Swoon.


7. Katie Lee鈥檚 Logan County Patty Melts: 鈥淚 use four slices of American cheese PER SANDWICH BECAUSE I鈥橫 CRAZY,鈥 Chrissy proclaims. She says she serves it at any viewing parties she and John have at home, and it has all the elements of true comfort food: the aforementioned American cheese, ground beef, white bread and fixings.

If you want more from our gal Chrissy, buy her book here and show us your CT-approved recipes on Instagram with the hashtag #iamcreative!聽聽聽聽

(Images via So Delushious!)