The holidays are one of the most joyous times of the year. From gifting your besties to ALL those holiday parties, there are so many celebrations and good times to be had. But sometimes, those whose birthdays fall dangerously close to Christmas feel a little left out, as the seasonal celebrations tend to outweigh their own big day (geez, Santa!). Daniel Aguinag felt the disappointment of having a birthday just one day after Christmas and decided to take matters into his own hands.


With the help of designer Andre Cabral, the duo created 10 funny, self-deprecating cards specifically for people whose birthdays fall around Christmastime. Using illustrations with Santa, Christmas carolers and even Jesus, these cards poke fun at all the Christmas traditions that take precedence over any birthday.


“I think it’s in the true spirit of friendship that friends like to poke fun at each other over inconveniences,” Aguinag explained, “so I think the cards are for anyone who’s looking to share a laugh over the holidays while also being able to let [their friend] know they haven’t been forgotten.” And laugh, we have!


Know anyone you want to wish a Merry Birthmas? You can purchase these hilarious cards here.

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(h/t Adweek)