Christopher Kane made waves last year when he released pairs of $350 rock-encrusted Crocs created for his London Fashion Week runway show. Now, the famous designer has done it again, but this time he鈥檚 sprucing up an unexpected piece of footwear: orthopedic shoes.

According to Vogue, the Scottish designer teamed up with Z-Coil, an orthopedic footwear company, to create a blinged-out version of a shoe that looks like a mix between non-slip restaurant shoes and those leathery black Velcro sneakers you鈥檝e probably seen the, uh, older members of your family wear. They have an interesting twist, though: The heels look like they鈥檙e made of springs. They may look weird, but apparently, these spiral boosters help alleviate back and muscle pain. That, and they鈥檙e covered in rhinestones.

These aren鈥檛 the first ugly shoes to cause a conversation; Balenciaga for one has had its fair share of questionable footwear (think the platform Crocs and old聽gym聽sneakers). While shoes like these would definitely have gotten you made fun of in middle school, these days they鈥檙e peak fashion, and people are willing to shell out a lotta money to look this awkward. The crystal-coated kicks aren鈥檛 available just yet, but if you鈥檝e got your eye on them, make sure you have your wallet ready 鈥 it鈥檒l probably be a while before this trend dies down.

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(Photo via Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty)