Children (and us adult children) everywhere are passing out from excitement over the invention of color-changing ice cream. You think ice cream has done it all, and then, it’s like… nope! Here’s another thing to obsess over: This best-idea-ever formula was created for the thesis project of physicist Manuel Linares, who is getting his masters in “Creating Artisan Ice Cream.” No, really. That’s something you can get a degree in. Stay in school, kids.

Linares’s ice cream changes colors as you lick it. The ice cream starts off as a lavender blue. Before it’s served, it’s spritzed with a “Love Elixir,” made entirely from natural ingredients that changes the dessert from baby blue to pink and then purple. The color change happens depending on the temperature and acidity of your tongue.

It’s supposed to taste like a fruity mélange, though the verdict is out on whether it’s comparable to other lauded artisanal cones out there. But, honestly, who cares? This ice cream is so rad, you’d have to be out of your mind to not eat it anyway.

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(h/t Grub Street)