When it comes to cooking, even those who think they know what they’re doing in the kitchen probably have a lot to learn. Recipes for newbie chefs can certainly get you started, but what about those little tips and tricks that ONLY come with time and experience? Whether you’re making easy one-pot dinner recipes or Julia Child-worthy French recipes, there are some basics that you *need* to know in order to make a truly spectacular meal. And unfortunately, there are some mistakes you’re probably unwittingly making. Luckily, this infographic can help you nip those in the bud!

Who would’ve known that cutting your veggies with a butterknife is an absolute no-no? Some of these things aren’t exactly second nature, so it can help to write down little reminders for yourself about the mistakes you’re most guilty of making.

Also, a little meal prep can go a long way. Only by knowing what you want to eat for dinner ahead of time can you be let your meat warm up to room temperature. In other cases, you’re going to have to choose between price and flavor — for example, the cost of fresh herbs is undoubtedly steeper than that of dried ones (unless, of course, you grow your own!). Happy cooking!

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(Infographic courtesy of Quid Corner)