FINALLY, it鈥檚 goodbye 2016, hello bright and shiny new year. Kick off this weekend with a celebratory Champagne cocktail 鈥 or 10 鈥 then stock up on confetti and craft decor for your NYE party, and spend a little time getting amped up about making some kickass DIY resolutions. If you鈥檙e looking forward to a sparkly new year, check out these 10 fab NYE party projects, like confetti fortune balloons, edible glitter cocktails and a full-on holographic outfit. 2017 is looking brighter already.


1. DIY Confetti Fortune Balloons: Who needs messy, potentially fireworks when you can start off the New Year with a bang of confetti?? Get creative coming up with some fun fortunes to give to your squad, then fill each balloon with a colorful mix of chunky glitter and and paper confetti. (via Brit + Co)


2. DIY Disco Ball Photo Backdrop: Get ready to get yo鈥 glitter on in a BIG way with this cray cray photo booth backdrop. If your favorite color is sparkle, follow this DIY to cut out about a thousand squares out of silver metallic paper. Then accessorize away with extra disco balls, balloons and confetti. (via Oh Happy Day)


3. DIY Velvet Turban Hack: If there鈥檚 one good thing 2016 gave us, it was a resurgence of everything 鈥90s, AKA everything that is awesome. The velvet trend is white hot, which is why it鈥檚 so cool to take a break from velvet tops and skirts and go with something that鈥檒l keep your ears warm, like this no-sew turban. (via Brit + Co)


4. DIY Disco Ball Donut Holes: Donuts. Disco. What more could you want from a dessert?? Oh, edible silver spray paint? Yup, that exists. (via Aww, Sam)


5. DIY Holographic Number Pi帽atas: Did you know you can easily make customized pi帽ata shapes and sizes using just cardboard? All those boxes left over from the holidays? Now you can put them to good use as sparkly party decor pieces. (via Brit + Co)


6. DIY Holographic NYE Outfit: Speaking of holographic magic, did you know you can turn ANY piece of clothing into iridescent bliss? Grab a little Heat 鈥榥鈥 Bond and cellophane and put in some quality time with your iron to get these BA pants and vest. (via Brit + Co)


7. DIY NYE Floating Photo Installation: If you鈥檙e looking for a way to keep your guests entertained all the way until midnight, you鈥檒l love this interactive photo activity/booth. Snap instant photos of your whole party squad, have everyone write a goal or New Year鈥檚 wish on the back and attach each pic to a helium balloon. (via Oh Happy Day)


8. DIY Cotton Candy Edible Glitter Sparkling Wine Cocktail: This pretty pink cocktail might just be the epitome of #unicornlife. Pour Champagne or sparkling wine over pink cotton candy and rim the glasses with edible glitter for an extra dose of 鈥榞rammable magic. (via A Bubbly Life)


9. DIY NYE Confetti Tray: The only thing better than confetti is confetti you do NOT have to clean up 鈥 hooray! Spruce up plain white trays with giant confetti and show off those cocktails in style. (via Brit + Co)


10. DIY New Year鈥檚 Resolution Tree: Really stick it to your goals this year by making them part of your decor. You鈥檙e far more likely to make your resolutions happen if you can see them on the daily. Instead of Post-its on the fridge, deck out a mini branch tree with goals. And pom-poms, obvi. (via Brit + Co)

We want to see what you鈥檙e making this weekend! Show us your project by tagging us on Instagram + using the hashtag #iamcreative!