There are thousands of ways to ask the ladies to be in your wedding party, but when it comes to asking your bros if they’ll stand by you on the big day, you might find yourself stumped. All those sprinkle-covered cupcakes might not go over the greatest with the dudes. Instead, present them with beer and and things for their beards. We’ve dug up 12 gifts that will help you pop the question to your groomsmen.


1. Personalized Beer Labels: Print out your labels and you pick the beer. We recommend root beer for any underage groomsmen. (via Wedding Chicks)

cigar card

2. Cigar Card ($5): All you have to do is buy these, slide the cigar in place and present ’em to the lucky guys.

groomsman flask

3. Groomsmen Flask ($34): Cater to your friends’ wild side with this old wild-west-style flask.

shaving set

4. Shaving Kit ($111): This sweet set is all your groomsman will need to have his beard looking immaculate on the big day.


5. DIY Groomsman Box: If the raffia is too much for you, we’re sure your bride will be happy to help you pretty things up a bit. (via Style Me Pretty)

groomsmen tags

6. Groomsmen Gift Tags ($10): Once you download these, it doesn’t make a difference if you have two groomsmen or twenty. You can print off as many as you like.


7. Personalized Beer Tote ($68): They’ll dig you even more if you fill this awesome gift with their favorite beer.

chalkboard printables

8. Chalkboard Printables: If you’re rounding up a gang that’s been together forever, choose some personal mementos that will bring back the memories. (via Well Groomed)

custom label

9. Fireball Personalized Labels ($30 for 6): John likes whisky but Thomas likes vodka. These labels don’t give a… fireball.


10. DIY Groomsmen Lunchbox: Personalized socks? That should be a groomsman essential just as much as a boutonniere. (via Something Turquoise)

personalized mug

11. Personalized Mug ($14): Now whenever they pull this out, they’ll think of all the good times they’ve had with you.

a bit of everything

12. A Bit of Everything: Can’t decide on one idea? Create the ultimate groomsman gift with a little bit of everything. (via Badger and Blade)

How will you be asking your guys to be your groomsmen? Tell us below!