It’s no surprise that we LOVE desserts here at Brit + Co. From S’mores Pizza Dough to Crème Brûlée Popsicles, we’re always down to try something new, which is why we’re kinda freaking out about the cool new things happening with COOL WHIP. Just in time for the return of the dessert salad, the brand is breaking the mold by launching a brand new flavor early next year. What is it? Well, that’s the thing — we’ve partnered with COOL WHIP to get *your* vote on the final flavor. They’ve narrowed it down to three options — Blueberry, Cheesecake and Strawberry Banana — and we’re among the first to test them out.

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Taste testing at Brit HQ always draws attention, and Brit was definitely one of the first people to grab a spoon. Where my initial instincts (Lindsay here, by the way!) took me to try Blueberry, Brit went straight for the Strawberry Banana. Maddie, on the other hand, was the first to dig into the Cheesecake. Creamy, dreamy and fresh, these flavors are really stepping up the COOL WHIP game — making it extremely difficult to decide. To help with the decision and as a hat tip to this year’s election season, we’ve created a COOL WHIP 2017 Voter Guide, complete with our tasting notes and some of our favorite recipes to pair with the different flavors. May the very best flavor win.


Color: Pastel purple dreams

Taste: Tastes like a blueberry muffin… but in cream form.

Phrase that the flavor invokes: COOL WHIP for breakfast? Yes, please!

Blueberry COOL WHIP

Recipes that NEED this flavor:

Stuffed French Toast: One of the great things about COOL WHIP is that you can easily sub it in for a number of ingredients, making it a great go-to as the filling for this mouth-watering French toast. Brunch just got easier (and tastier)!

Mini Blueberry Cakes: These mini cakes are the perfect size to satisfy your sweet tooth, not to mention they’re super adorable. Kick them up a notch by cutting out the center and filling it with the tasty Blueberry COOL WHIP.

Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips: We love these easy-to-make apple chips. Serve the Blueberry COOL WHIP as a dip for these baked bad boys and put a sweet spin on chips and dip. Oh, have we mentioned that dessert hybrids are so hot right now? ;)


Cheesecake COOL WHIP

Color: Yellow, custardy heaven

Taste: Like a butter cream dream. Rich, smooth and oh-so creamy.

Phrase that the flavor invokes: Eating spoonfuls of COOL WHIP? NBD.

Recipes that SCREAM for this Whip:

Churro Donuts: This recipe combines two of my favorite things: churros and donuts. The Cheesecake COOL WHIP would make a wonderfully easy dip for some cinnamon and sugar delight. Decadence at its finest!

Funfetti Sugar Cookie Cake: Words we like: funfetti, sugar cookie, cake. Make this cookie cake twice as fun and bake a second layer of cookie cake so you can sandwich this creamy, buttery COOL WHIP in between.

Strawberry Shortcake: These delectable rosé-soaked strawberry shortcakes are already no joke. But you can seriously take this dessert to the next level by swapping out the original COOL WHIP for the Cheesecake flavor. Are you salivating yet?


Strawberry Banana COOL WHIP

Color: Perfectly pink

Tasting notes: Tutti fruitti-licious. Smooth, fresh and definitely strawberry over banana.

Phrase that the flavor invokes: It’s like eating a smoothie.

Recipes that DEMAND the Strawberry Banana goodness:

Heavenly Strawberry Jelly Roll: The ultimate treat for a springtime gathering. Sub in Strawberry Banana COOL WHIP to add another dimension to the flavor profile. That pastel pink will add a nice pop of color to any table setting.

Triple-Chocolate Whoopie Pies: I am a big fan of the commitment to chocolate with these scrumptious black moon pies (aka whoopie pies). Take the flavor even further with a touch of the Strawberry Banana COOL WHIP. Chocolate, strawberry and banana… need I say more?

Coolwich Delight: These Coolwiches — aka frozen COOL WHIP sandwiched between graham crackers — are a total delight and a great alternative to the ice cream sandwich. It SAYS it’s a dessert, but I think I just found my new afternoon snack :)

Voting has closed. You can check out voting results here!

BONUS: Peppermint COOL WHIP hits stores this October!

Peppermint COOL WHIP

The best news is that you won’t have to wait until next year for a new COOL WHIP flavor to debut. Peppermint COOL WHIP (our unanimous favorite) will hit stores this October just in time for the holiday season. We can’t wait to try them sandwiched between two crispy chocolate chip cookies.

Which new COOL WHIP flavor did you vote for to bring these fantasy recipes to life? Tweet it to us @BritandCo and @CoolWhip.

Author: Lindsay Saito

Production + Styling: Lindsay Saito, Karen Pham + Maddie Bachelder

Design: Karen Pham

Photography: Chris Andre