From doughnuts to dog food we officially live in a world where almost everything has been slapped with the “artisanal” tag. And you know what? That’s a pretty awesome problem to have, especially when it comes to the drinks department. Here are five small-batch makers that stand out of the crowd and can help you craft a holiday cocktail that will get your guests talking.

1. P&H Soda Co. // Sarsaparilla Syrup – Brooklyn, NY ($12): Commonly referred to as the “original” Root Beer, try introducing the float to adulthood by filling a frosted mug with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, Sarsaparilla and an ounce of Bourbon.

Bourbon Sarsaparilla Float:
 – 1 oz P&H Sarsaparilla Syrup

– 1 oz bourbon

– 1 scoop vanilla ice cream

– seltzer or soda

 1. Add bourbon with P&H Sarsaparilla Soda Syrup to a frosty glass

2. Pour in seltzer within 3 fingers from top

3. Drop in a good sized scoop of ice cream

2. Stu’s Kitchen // Stu’s Bloody Mary // Chicago, IL ($9): With the help of Stu’s, give the Bloody Mary the Bacon treatment for a brunch crowd pleaser.

Bacon Bloody Mary:
 – 2 oz Stu’s this is bloody mary concentrate

– 6 oz tomato juice

– 1 oz vodka

– crispy bacon

– celery stalk

 1. Combine in a pint glass over ice.

2. Garnish with Bacon, Celery Stick.

3. Juniper Ridge // Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea // Sierra Nevada, CA ($13): Thankfully Juniper Ridge backpackers do the hard part, wild harvesting this tea in the Sierra Nevada mountains. You just need to make the cocktail.

Douglas Fir Gin & Soda:
 – 2 oz brewed Douglas Fir Tea (sweetened)

– 2 oz gin

– soda water

 1. Fill a glass with ice.

2. Combine gin and tea, top with soda water.

3. Steal your garnish from a nearby holiday wreath.

4. Cold Brew // Sling Shot Coffee Company  // Raleigh, NC ($12): Founder and one woman show Jenny Bonchak hand crafts this single origin coffee. Nothing says the holidays like sneaking in an Irish Coffee before noon.

Iced Irish Coffee:
 – 1 oz irish whiskey

– Sling Shot Cold Brew

– 1 tablespoon sugar

– 2 tablespoons cream (optional)

 1. Combine coffee and sugar, stir to dissolve the sugar.

2. Pour mixture over ice, add whiskey.

3. Top with cream.

5. Liber & Co. // Texas Grapefruit Shrub // Austin, TX ($13): A couple Texan boys paid tribute to their hometown grown Rio Star grapefruit with this lively mixer. Why go to mexico when you can bring it home to your holiday party? Try it with tequila in this south of the border inspired cocktail.

“La Paloma” Cocktail:
 – 3/4 oz Liber & Co. Texas Grapefruit Shrub

– 1/2 oz fresh lime juice

– 1 teaspoon sugar

– 2 oz tequila blanco

– club soda

 1. Combine grapefruit shrub, lime juice, sugar and tequila until sugar is dissolved.

2. Add ice, and top off with club soda.

3. Garnish with lime.

What are your favorite “crafty” cocktails for the holidays? Talk to us in the comments below.