It’s never too early to prepare for Halloween! Those of you who can’t wait 365 days to spookify your home will agree. So why not start planning which pumpkin faces to carve come October? Download a few jack-o’-lantern printables and practice carving Halloween fruits now. Great topical ideas include the orange-hot Trumpkin (make pumpkins great again!) and Pokémon Go pumpkins (gotta carve ‘em all!). If you need more inspiration, scroll on for 29 unique jack-o’-lanterns you’ll love this Halloween.

pumpkin face skull with flowers

1. Jack-o’-Lantern Flower Vase: Spruce up an ordinary jack-o’-lantern with an arrangement of flowers. Opt for sunny marigolds to brighten up your table or turn to a bouquet of black dahlias to up your porch’s scary factor. (via Better Home and Gardens)


2. Emoji Carved Pumpkins: Bring your favorite emojis right to your front porch with these adorable faces. For a spookier touch, opt for the ghost or screaming emoji. (via Bespoke Bride)


3. Bert and Ernie: You couldn’t get enough of these best friends when you were a kid. Now’s your chance to turn your favorite Sesame Street characters into carved pumpkins. Paint an oblong pumpkin yellow and a rounder one an even coat of orange (optional). (via Make)

cannibal cutie pumpkin face

4. Cannibal Cutie: As frightening as this should be, you can’t help but notice how adorable it is — right? And there’s no denying how hilarious that mini pumpkin is. (via Woman’s Day)

white owl pumpkin face

5. Decorative Owl Pumpkin: As far as detailed pumpkins go, this one takes the cake. Consider using drills and grinders in addition to your basic blades for this meticulously crafted carving. (via Our Little Burrow)

black owl pumpkin face

6. Owl Pumpkin: All you need to give those trick-or-treaters a hoot is an owl stencil. Just apply it to a black-painted pumpkin and carve away to make a real *treat*. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

Adult Pumpkin Face Starbucks

7. Starbucks: For those of you who can’t get enough #PSL, consider turning to pumpkin art to express your obsession. Starbucks and pumpkins go together so well in the fall. (via She Knows)

8. Frederik and Clyde: Dubbed Frederik and Clyde, these adorable pumpkin pals are the perfect pair make with your own BFF. All you’ll need to worry about is finding a paring knife and, 30 minutes later, what to name your new besties.

dory pumpkin face

9. Dory: Turn your love for Disney’s favorite forgetful blue tang fish into a Halloween-worthy craft. It may take a while to get all the details just right, but it’s important to remember to… just keep carving. ;) (via Ellen TV)

mummy pumpkin face

10. Mummy: Trick-or-treaters will tremble at how eerie those black eyes are, especially when highlighted by the glowing insides. To achieve this creepy look, cut slits all around the gourd and use black marbles as eyes. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

grumpy cat

11. Grumpy Cat: A pumpkin with Grumpy Cat’s face on it — ugh, that’s the worst. Make yours with the provided template, if you like things that are horrible. (via Popsugar)


12. Trumpkin: Your Halloween porch decor is gonna be *YUGE* this year thanks to none other than Trump. Or should we say Trumpkin? (via The Huffington Post)

World of Warcraft lion

13. World of Warcraft: Feeling adventurous this Halloween? Rep your love for all things magic and adventure related with this bold lion emblem from World of Warcraft. (via Casey Fleser / Flickr Creative Commons)

mario bros boo

14. Mario Bros Boo: A jack-o’-lantern featuring a ghost seems appropriate for Halloween. Boo from Mario Bros is a tad bit cuter than most specters, though. (via Spencer Wright / Flickr Creative Commons)


15. Mario: It’s-a him! Mario! Carve up a Mario to pay homage to your favorite video game series growing up. Throw in a Luigi pumpkin to double up. (via PunkBouncer / DeviantArt)

mini vampire candles

16. Mini Vampire Pumpkin Candles: Give the traditional candle and jack-o’-lantern pairing a unique twist by making these sinister fanged pumpkins that double as votive centerpieces. Simply carve out the middle of each pumpkin to fit the red votive candle and watch the wax drip down to create an eerie effect. (via Freutcake)


17. Pikachu and Pokéball: It basically goes without saying that Pokémon Go *is* summer 2016. If you’re still as committed to playing the game in October, you know you have to at the very least carve up a Pokéball. (via Johwee / DeviantArt)

pumpkin anatomy

18. Pumpkin Anatomy Skull: If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a pumpkin looks like, here’s your answer. Take a step beyond the simple jack-o’-lantern and make this creepy, cool carving. (via Skull-a-Day)

pumpkin brain

19. Pumpkin Skull With Brain: Luckily this brainy craft doesn’t require much thinking. To make, you’ll need to simply carve two separate pumpkins — one orange that’s larger and one white that’s smaller — like the skull project above. (via Skull-A-Day)

Pumpkin Skull

20. Skull Pumpkin: Of course, you can always make a skull with just one pumpkin. It’ll save you time and effort while still yielding creepy results. (via Brit + Co)

pumpkin minion

21. Minion: It’s not hard to fall in love with the wacky li’l characters we know as Minions. If you’ve got the time and the pumpkins, carve up a couple more to form the whole gang (Kevin, Stuart and Bob). (via Art by Joe Jones)

22. Harry Potter: You’re a pumpkin, Harry! Turn everyone’s favorite wizard into an orange gourd with a simple lightning bolt and pair of glasses.

sirius black

23. Sirius Black: This’ll strike a chord in all you Harry Potter fans. Though Sirius Black met an untimely death, you can breathe new life into the character with a little help from a pumpkin and carving knife. (via Johwee / DeviantArt)


24. Professor Snape: A Professor Snape jack-o’-lantern? After all this time? Always. *Cue waterworks* (via Johwee / DeviantArt)

sweet tooth

25. Sweet Tooth Pumpkin: Halloween is all about the candy. So make use of what you’ve got loads of by creating this sugar-sweet concoction. Pro tip: Keep insects away from your work of art all Halloween long by spraying your pumpkin with Krylon’s Preserve It! spray-on protectant or something similar. (via Woman’s Day)

26. Mickey: If you love Disney, say so with a Mickey Mouse-inspired carving. Whip up a Minnie while you’re at it to keep Mickey company on the porch.


27. Totoro: Hayao Miyazaki enchants legions of fans with his fantastical worlds and whimsical characters. If his masterpiece My Neighbor Totoro has earned a special place in your heart, then this Totoro carved pumpkin deserves a place on your stoop. (via Biblioklept)


28. Vampire Pumpkin: Sink your teeth into this blood-sucker DIY. Though the second pumpkin for the widow’s peak is optional, you can’t deny it gives the whole look some added personality. (via Woman’s Day)


29. Yoda: The force is with this pumpkin, alright. Get the look by carving out only the eyes and lightsaber completely. (via rebeljedi / Instructables)

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