Dating as a creative is tough. Along with the common dating conundrums (finding something to wear, rocking fun date night makeup and combatting butterflies), figuring out where to go is infinitely harder. Not only do you want to get to know the person and have fun, you also want to add a bit of creativity and originality to the experience (since you know that’s what they really enjoy). For anyone stuck on where to take your boo this weekend, here are 16 unique date ideas that are sure to create sparks.

christmas present

1. Have a Christmas Present Wrapping Party: Grab your S.O. for a night of funky wrapping paper combos, DIY bow offs and festive cocktails. Just make sure to keep their present hidden during the date!

wine and painting

2. Wine and Painting Night at a Local Studio: For the creative that’s always reaching for a canvas, try taking them to a wine and painting night at your local art studio. Whether your painting turns out to be the next Picasso or third-grade-project-adjacent, it’s a fun way to get to know your partner, plus your painting makes for a cute memento!


3. Brew Your Own Beer: Leave takeout and Netflix for another day. Spruce up your date night in by brewing your own beer. It’s hands-on, fun and completely foolproof. Try this kit ($40) for everything you’ll need (including step-by-step instructions).

4. Mix Up Your Sunday Brunch Routine With Pancake Art: There are tons of great tutorials out there for creating this trendy and artful breakfast staple. Try these heart eye emoji ones or create your own! (Photo via Tiger Tomato)


5. Attend an Art Class: Whether it’s pottery, needlework or nude painting, taking an art class together is the perfect weekly bonding session for the creative couple.


6. Create Your Own Wine at a Vineyard or Wine Shop: Take a day trip to a local winery and try your hands at winemaking. It’s surprisingly affordable and makes for a great personal addition to any collection.


7. Host a Taste-Testing Night In: Blindfold your partner and have a palate test just like Hell’s Kitchen (okay, with a little less yelling). You’ll be surprised at what your partner can think up! (Photo via WPA Pool/Getty)


8. Chopped-Inspired Cook-Off: Make your own mystery box for your partner (perhaps squid, artichokes and ranch?) and let the cook-off begin. Just make sure you have something premade in the fridge in case things go awry!

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9. Take a DJ Class: For the creative that’s tried everything from painting to pottery, mix things up with something a bit more musical (and hip). DJ classes are usually run out of local music studios and are a great way shake off a dreary work week. (Photo via Cooper Neil/Getty)


10. Have a Cookie Decorating Bake-Off: Nothing says wintertime like a good Christmas cookie bake-off. Use premade cookies or whip up your own — it’s all about the decorations anyhow. Just make sure not to eat all the cookie dough before it reaches the oven.

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11. Learn a New Instrument Together: You’re never too old to learn to play an instrument. Whether you sign up for lessons at a local studio or wing it with YouTube tutorials, learning something new with your date is bound to make for an interesting night. (Photo via Mike Coppola/Getty)


12. Learn to Knit a Cozy Blanket Together: There are tons of knitting tutorials out there for beginners. Plunk down in front of your laptop with your S.O. and start learning how to create a cozy blanket together. It’s perfect for fireplace snuggles.


13. Create Your Own Christmas Story: For the creative that’s always reading, create your own Christmas story for date night. Try imagining a new plot with all original characters, or do a fanfiction of a Christmastime classic. Your creative will love it!


14. Create Your Own Puzzle: Grab an old cereal box or extra piece of cardboard and make a holiday puzzle that’s endemic of your relationship. Cut up an old picture or scour Google for your favorite things — if you’re lucky, it just might lead to some good present ideas too.

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15. Make the Outdoors Your Canvas and Paint the Snow with Spray Paint: Creatives can find inspiration anywhere — even in piles of snow. Swing by your local hardware store, grab some bright cans of spray paint and get creating. Just stay away from the yellow… (Photo via John Moore/Getty)


16. Dollar Store Ugly Sweater Challenge: Head to your local dollar store and grab all necessary supplies to create the ugliest Christmas sweaters ever.

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