September signals the close of summer and opening of school doors, a month we kiss goodbye to summer thrills, like sleeping in on weekdays and taking camping trips on the reg. But it’s hard to be mad when back-to-school time comes with thrills of its own. We clamor for any excuse to hit up the nearest office supply store for the trendiest (and 100% NECESSARY) back to school essentials; plus, we’ll always love a good excuse to give our wardrobes a back-to-school style update. Best of all, September is a time to celebrate learning. That’s why, all September long, creativity is back in session as we invite you all to learn a new skill with us.

Scroll on for our top picks from the B+C Online Classroom, and stay tuned for two new online classes! Fauxligraphy, which is up for pre-order as we speak, teaches awesome shortcuts to copy-cat calligraphy with your normal handwriting, which you can transfer onto canvas, ceramic, prints and more (see below).


Don’t be shy! You can get more eyeballs on your Instagram posts by tagging @britandco and using #iamcreative on photos of what/how you’re learning. We love a good #WIP and have been known to regram our faves. Speaking of success stories, we’re even debuting an interview series, in which people just like you share how a B+C class changed their lives for the better.

Our challenge to you: Carve out some time this month to finally master a creative skill you love (or want to love)! Here’s just a sample of our classes that are open for enrollment.



Let loose with a new form of self-expression. Is it Watercolor Calligraphy, Acrylic Painting, Calligraphy 101 or something else?



Ready to get down to brass tacks and learn a new business or trade? We’ve got classes to help you learn an Adobe program like Adobe Illustrator; a photography style, starting with Intro to DSLR Photography and even Phone Photography Basics; and an all-new business track, featuring essential skills like how to Design Your Brand Identity.


If textile arts are your thing, cozy up to our Intro to Embroidery, Knitting, Intro to Latch Hook and more!



Lacking in the style department? Take Color + Pattern for Interior Design or Flower Arranging and do some serious nesting. Or amp up your fashion style with Handbag Design With Rebecca Minkoff.

What are you learning this month? Tap into our creative community on Instagram by tagging @britandco in your photos and using #iamcreative.