We highlight our favorite crowdfunding projects a couple times a month, and typically we find that the ideas revolve around a specific theme, whether it be high-tech cooking gadgets, cool games or documentaries sparking social change. This time around, the ideas come from all over the place, which we love. Some of the projects on this list are just for kids, making playtime smarter and more fun. Others are beyond anything we could ever have dreamed up, like a remote-control refrigerator that can also cook your food. Scroll on for nine projects that might just blow your mind.


1. The Model 01: This keyboard is for serious typers only. It’s not only gorgeously lit (seriously, why doesn’t our keyboard emit pink light?), but its keys are also custom sculpted, so your fingers can type faster than ever. If you spend a lot of time on the computer, this keyboard might be worth the splurge — a pledge of $299 lets you take one of these home.


2. Reusable Sushi Tray: If you have a weakness for sushi, this was made for you. Apparently over a billion single-use sushi trays are thrown away each year. Who knew, right? SUSHECO is a durable tray that makes sushi easy to bring with you to work without taking up a lot of space in your bag. It’s sleek, slim and has a place to hold your chopsticks. Once this one hits the market, there will be no more excuses for throwing away those sushi trays, people.


3. App That Curates Kid-Friendly Content: By now, we’re past the point of being shocked when we see a grade schooler with his or her own tablet, or a toddler expertly playing games on his or her parent’s phone. But there isn’t currently an app on the market that exposes kids to the best media out there while also shielding them from anything unsavory. That’s exactly what app SmartFeed is attempting to accomplish, by allowing parents to control what media their child consumes. Parents can enter in demographics, values, interests and skills they want their child to use.

music app

4. The Airbnb of the Entertainment Industry: With music sales down, musicians primarily rely on playing live shows to generate some sort of an income. For budding musicians, this can be tough. That’s why the masterminds behind this Kickstarter have created a way for musicians and venues to connect without all the red tape. Plugd connects bars, clubs, coffeehouses and other venues with musicians who are looking for a spot to play. Connections are made on their easy-to-use app. We see this one gaining momentum big time.

alarm clock

5. Alarm Clock That Charges All of Your Devices: Doesn’t it feel like there are never enough outlets in your bedroom? When you head to bed, we know you want to charge your phone, tablet, smart watch and computer all at the same time, so everything is all powered up and ready to use when you wake up. Four frustrated guys took matters into their own hands and created an alarm clock that can handle all of your electronics, so you can maximize your outlet usage. Why didn’t we think of that?


6. Wallet for Minimalists: If all you need is your ATM card and a few $20s, there’s no point in having a chunky wallet take up half your clutch. The Natsu is for true minimalists. Not only is the design simple and chic, but the wallet itself is also tiny, fitting the few things you actually need. If you have loyalty cards to 10 different stores, this might not be for you, but if you’re into the simple life, it’s worth funding.

maze app

7. iPad Game That Improves Motor Skills: Another made-for-kids tech invention, OT Maze is a maze game that aims to improve a child’s motor skills. Kids tilt the tablet in the direction they want their little character to go, a feature that was tested by special-education teachers and occupational therapists. Kids must also use a small gear and buttons to turn items they encounter on and off. The combination of turning items on and off while steering the tablet will sharpen kids’ motor skills, but they’ll be too busy having fun to even notice.


8. Waterproof Classic Literature: Whether you like to do your reading while soaking in the tub, poolside or on the beach, you often run the risk of getting your beloved book wet. The guy behind Bibliobath took the concept of those bath books we all loved as kids and applied it to literary classics, like Mark Twain and Shakespeare. The books are made with synthetic paper, so it’s 100 percent fine if they get soaked.


9. A-Gravity Chair: We’re all for standing desks, and this one takes the concept to the next level. The A-Gravity Chair promotes perfect posture without putting strain on your back by helping the body stay in a 135-degree sitting position, which is scientifically proven to be the best. Considering how much time we spend sitting in front of a computer, we think this one is a good bet.

Which one of these projects is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.