We hate to start off on a sour note, but for those of you reading this from behind a desk: brace yourself for bummer news. It’s been said that sitting is the new smoking (yeah, we’re cringing as we type this), and it’s just as hard of a habit to quit, especially if a treadmill desk has been on your department’s wish list for more than one holiday season. But don’t give up hope for better work-workout balance just yet! Cubii is a calorie-busting device that aims to make your 9-to-5 more active without distracting you from your daily desk-bound routine.

Cubii is essentially a compact connected elliptical trainer that fits right underneath your existing desk. Designed especially for the office, Cubii aims to help you make the most of your perched posture by allowing you to pedal as you crunch numbers, churn out content or crush that complex code. And all without bumping your knees into your workspace. The discrete device is specially aligned so you can execute a natural-feeling, fluid exercise that allows you to burn on average over 120 calories per hour without sneaking away to do jumping jacks in the empty conference room.

Breaking a sweat in that brand-new work gear? Adjust the resistance on Cubii to achieve a perfect pre-presentation intensity. You can monitor all of your activity through Cubii’s companion app, which turns your reps into real data via Bluetooth. Or connect your new fave cube-mate to your fitness tracker to make sure you hit your heart-rate target while you hit your numbers. And according to beta test feedback, that outcome isn’t too good to be true: Early users claim that Cubii helped to improve their desk-related restlessness and in turn increase their overall productivity. That’s win-win for you + your employers, especially since now you’ll stop pestering them about that office-wide desk chair revamp.

Help make Cubii your newest team member by pledging to its Kickstarter campaign. There, you can nab the portable workout machine for $299 or tell HR to hook up your office with a fitness pack of 8 Cubii’s for $2,199. Both amounts are heavily discounted for early adopters — Cubii is priced at $349 post-KS, which is still cheaper than the average standing desk, not to mention wayyyy less of a hassle to assemble and install. For someone who has a hard time squeezing even the quickest of workouts into their day, Cubii seems like the answer to making sure your fingers aren’t the only always-moving appendage all day long.

Would you use this stealthy workout device at your office? Tell us if you’d welcome Cubii into your cubical in the comments below.