We wouldn’t normally promote an app that encourages binge drinking, but we thought we could make an exception for Cups. It’s a new app-based subscription service that capitalizes on our love of getting buzzed the caffeinated way. Just like Netflix, you can peruse a sippable selection of packages that range from five cupsa joe for $7 to $85 for an unlimited month of espresso, macchiatos and iced coffees.

Not totally sure how it works? We’ll let these GIFs do the explaining for us…

Yeah, we know how to do that.

‘Kay. FYI, it’s only available in NYC for now.

Mmm, this is the fun part.

Um, too easy.

Now we get it. While it might seem decadent to treat yourself to an unlimited month of lattes, Cups could end up saving coffee-holics (or all-nighter pulling college students) dough in the end. If you easily go through 23 cups of coffee in a month, their $28 package comes out to $1.20 a cup. We like the idea of subscriptions to things you do daily or weekly — how about a similar service but for lunch? We might consider forgoing the brown bag in exchange for unlimited $4 lunches.

What do you think? Is this idea too much or would you try it? Where else in your life could you use a “Netflix”?