Even though we could drool over David Beckham pictures all day long, it鈥檚 his family man-style that we find the sexiest and most endearing. The 40-year-old retired soccer pro, who recently celebrated his 16th wedding anniversary to Victoria Beckham with his entire family, is just about as devoted to his wife as he is handsome (and that鈥檚 saying a lot!). Need proof? His latest tatt is an ode to the year he married the Spice-Girl-turned-fashion-powerhouse.


He posted a pic of his new finger ink on Instagram along with the caption 鈥99 was a good year for me 鈥︹ Swoon. This isn鈥檛 the first time David has made waves this summer regarding his tattoos. Just last month Victoria posted an adorable yellow Minion 鈥渢attoo鈥 courtesy of their daughter, Harper. But we have a feeling that one probably washed off in the shower.

Since we doubt this will be the last of David鈥檚 tattoo ventures (he has two full sleeves after all) we鈥檙e curious about what he鈥檒l get next. Will he opt for a cryptic arm tat honoring his entire family, like Brad Pitt? Or even a couple聽design with Victoria? Who knows. We鈥檒l just have to keep following him on Instagram (while praying for shirtless selfies) to find out.

Tell us below in the comments what you think David will get for his next tattoo.

(Featured photo via Getty/Ian Gavan, Instagram via @davidbeckham)