Everyone loves to doodle. Whether you’re scribbling loop-de-loops on a notepad or drawing line art in your journal, doodling is one form of art that everyone can partake in. But not everyone can create doodle masterpieces… unless your name is David Jablow. This multi-media artist is a serious doodle MASTER.

David created a doodle series based off of vintage notepads that have line drawings of a pin-up woman at the top. While the doodle pads encourage the drawer to “do it yourself,” we’re pretty sure nobody saw these coming.

We bet this is the first time this half-drawn pin-up lady has been treated with the respect a rad skater gurl/badass wild, wild west babe such as herself deserves.

First, she’s a pretty woman in a provocative pose stuck in a pretty icky misogynistic notepad.

Before you know it, she’s bowling, exploring space and biking around town.

The creative mind of David Jablow doesn’t end here. To view more of his drawings, explore his insanely imaginative Flickr and pick up the Do It Yourself Doodler in book version.

Have you ever turned a doodle into a framable work of art? Share your thoughts on David’s work in the comments below and tweet us a pic of YOUR best doodle!

(h/t A+)