Chickpeas and chocolate? Before you make the ewww face, consider first that you’ve never met a hummus you didn’t like. Then remember how you drooled over these healthy dessert recipes with beans. I mean, we could go down a serious rabbit hole talking about all the yummy dessert recipes that feature beans. They’ve become the go-to substitute for flour in gluten-free baking, and they taste especially good paired with chocolate or cocoa powder. In fact, beans are *the* secret hack to get tasty protein-packed brownies that are GF and DF. But just in case you need more convincing, here’s some delectable dessert hummus inspo that will stop you in your tracks.


1. Nutella Hummus: This tasty fruit dip calls for just four ingredients: chickpeas, tahini, Nutella and olive oil. Tahini + Nutella make this smooth and creamy spread double-nutty delicious. (via Whitney Bond)


2. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Hummus: Kids of all ages will love this peanut butter and chocolate delight. Vanilla and pure maple syrup add natural sweetness to this peanut butter spread. Luxurious dark chocolate chips provide the pièce de résistance. (via Knead to Cook)


3. Crazy Good Chocolate Hummus Spread: This chocolate hummus is full of fiber thanks to delicious and nutritious beans, which means it won’t send your blood sugar soaring. But the taste is somewhere between raw chocolate chip cookie dough and whipped chocolate frosting. In a word: magic! (via Honestly Nourished)


4. Sweet Potato Pie Dessert Hummus: This bean dip tastes just like your grandma’s sweet potato pie, but all healthy and stuff. It’s delicious with apple slices, or you can serve it with cinnamon pita chips for that pie-crust crunch. (via Love & Zest)


5. Five Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Hummus: This simple vegan dessert hummus is made with chickpeas, maple syrup, vanilla, cacao powder and salt. It tastes delicious on fruit, toast and even oatmeal. (via The Conscientious Eater)


6. Chocolate Chip-Peanut Butter Dessert Hummus: This yummy concoction is vegan, dairy-free and GF. The recipe calls for powdered peanut butter and stevia, but you can sub in any nut butter and sweetener that you like. You should probably serve it up in individual cups to avoid any double-dipping. (via Paint + Tofu)


7. Apple Pie Hummus: Thanks to almond butter, apples and cinnamon, this dessert hummus tastes exactly like apple pie. Scoop it up with pita chips for a crust-like crunch. (via Pumps and Iron)


8. Healthy Chocolate Dessert Hummus: Unlike many vegan desserts, this one is absolutely avocado-free. Serve it with dried fruit chips, fresh fruit or spread on toast, or whip it on high until it’s smooth as silk and eat it like pudding. It tastes like pure chocolate nirvana. (via Sweet Simple Vegan)


9. Vegan Coconut Oatmeal Cookies With Chocolate Hummus: Thick, creamy and chocolatey, this spread is like a protein-packed frosting and is perfect for dipping apple slices or spreading on toast and crackers. But these cookies, barely sweetened, provide the perfect oat-y contrast to the sweet dip. (via The Colorful Kitchen)


10. Cookies and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Hummus: This dessert hummus is made super-luscious with the addition of “cookie butter” — a spread made of crushed cookies. But the chickpeas mean it’s also packed with protein, potassium and fiber. Make a double batch, because everyone in the house is gonna eat this up. (via Knead to Cook)


11. Apple Cheesecake Dessert Hummus: No kitchen, no problemo. This dessert spread calls for all store-bought ingredients and doesn’t require a food processor or blender. Simply add whipped cream cheese, apple butter, maple syrup and cinnamon to any prepackaged hummus and you’re on your way to a snacking bonanza. (via The Nutritious Kitchen)


12. Chocolate Hummus Cookie Sandwiches: What’s better than a cookie sammy? One that’s stuffed with creamy, dreamy chocolate hummus. Freeze a few batches, and eat them cold for a special summer treat. (via Hummusapien)

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