LulaRoe has gotten itself into some hot water this year, what with complaints of shoddy clothing and reports of mistreatment, but it looks like the brand is on the other side of a controversy after one woman may have faked her death (!) to get a dress.

LulaRoe Amelia Dress

Imgur user pinkscarf took to the site to share an exchange involving the company’s Amelia Dress ($65). A LulaRoe seller told a Facebook group of fellow consultants that a customer named Jennifer had messaged her about a dress she was looking to buy.

But this is where the story goes from zero to crazy real quick. An hour later, the seller got a message from Jennifer’s “husband” saying that Jennifer had been hit head-on while driving and died. The “husband” said he still wanted the dress so he could bury his wife in it, since he knew how much she wanted it.

But fellow Lula sellers were definitely skeptical. The original poster found Jennifer’s profile and reached out with a message saying Jennifer had won something. Sure enough, Jennifer responded, proving she was not in fact dead.

When the seller confronted her about it, Jennifer quickly said her phone had been hacked and that she was filing a police report. She added, “My husband is at work and hasn’t even been around my phone,” meaning he couldn’t have sent the tragic message.

Then, Jennifer followed up by saying that she and her brother, who is a police officer, had figured out who hacked her account.

Wow. Whether the story is true or not, it certainly is bonkers.

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(Photos via LulaRoe + pinkscarf/Imgur)