Makeup is one super creative way to express yourself and the things you love — which is why a while back, when cosmetics company LA Splash released their line of Harry Potter lipsticks, the HP-fans and the Internet in general went ballistic. Who doesn’t want to wear a crazy fun lip color that represents your fave literary characters? Now, how about your favorite childhood Disney Princess? We’ve got some great news for every self-professed Disney lover (hey there, Rachel Bilson). The makeup company is back with a stunning line of 12 different heroine and anti-heroine lip colors.


The line of colors spans from Esmerelda of Hunchback of Notre Dames vibrant purple to Nala of the Lion King’s beige-y nude. There’s even a shade for Bambi’s love interest Faline and for you villainess fans, one for Snow White’s evil stepmom, the Evil Queen.


You can now also sport some of your fave Disney Princesses’ *actual* lip colors, whether it’s Belle’s rose shade or Ariel’s reddish coral lip. Gorg. BRB, buying every color.

Will you be trying out any of these lip colors? Tell us in the comments below!

(Photos via @lasplashcosmetics)