As much as we love Disney princesses, there’s no denying that being the villain every once in a while comes with its own benefits — namely over-the-top face makeup. Where Belle, Cinderella, and Aurora often take the bare-faced beauty route, we can count on Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, and Ursula to slay everything from a red lip and razor-sharp contour to head-turning statement eyes and bold brows, sometimes all at once. Ahead, we show you how to embrace your inner villain for Halloween.

cruella de vil Costume

Woman wearing a Cruella Halloween costume in front of a purple background.

101 Dalmatians‘ villain might be evil, but her makeup is oh-so-good. Pair an emerald statement eye with a bold red lip, and before you know it you’ll look like the cruel devil herself.

To master the maniacal makeup look yourself, watch the full video tutorial below.

Maleficent Costume

Woman wearing a Maleficent Halloween costume in front of a purple background.

Maleficent’s makeup is anything but boring, but the trick to mastering her evil fairy godmother look is to don a set of piercing yellow contacts. Talk about a smize.

Watch the full video tutorial below to learn how to bring this costume to life.

Ursula Costume

Woman wearing an Ursula Halloween costume in front of a purple background.

Who knew an evil sea witch could look so fierce? With a little purple face paint and a lot of blue eyeshadow, you’ll be on your way to looking like Ariel’s nemesis in no time.

Ready to rock an under-the-sea getup? Watch the step-by-step process below to create the look.

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DIY Production and Styling: Caroline Hetzel

Beauty: Kat Sketch

Modeling: Lena O’Neal (Cruella); Cherry Yu (Maleficent); Kat Sketch (Ursula)