Holiday card season is just around the corner, which means your mailbox is about to be inundated with all kinds of adorable baby photos and sassy greetings from all your friends and family. Show your #squad that you appreciate the extra effort it took to not just shoot off an e-card by setting up a cool place in the house to display them all. Whether you go all out with a wooden tree or spring for something a little smaller, these 21 DIYs are just what you need to give your fridge a break this season. And zero judgment if you throw a few of your own holiday photos in the mix.

DIY Holiday Card Copper Wire Inspiration Board

1. DIY Copper Wire Inspiration Board: See ya, cork board — this season, it’s ALL about that pop of copper. Give your friends’ gorgeous baby snaps and cheeky holiday greetings a good home with this easy DIY project. (via Damask Love)

DIY Holiday Card Wood Tree Board

2. DIY Wood Tree Board: This cool and modern plywood tree totally doubles as holiday decor. Now if you could only say the same for that card from your great aunt… (via Brit + Co)

DIY Copper Photo Display

3. DIY Copper Photo Display: Head to the garage and dig out that old hula hoop you haven’t used in years: This is the coolest way to upcycle it into a gorgeous photo display. It’s copper, it’s colorful and it’s big enough to hold ALL your cousins’ newsletters. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Holiday Card Marble Tile Magnets

4. DIY Marble Tile Magnets: If you can’t quite bear to separate your fave holiday cards from the fridge, at least make sure you’ve got some lovely magnets at the ready. Head to the tile section of your hardware store and grab a sheet of tiny marble tiles — you’ll whip up a batch of these magnets in no time. (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY Holiday Card Tray Photo Holder

5. DIY Tray Photo Holder: Swap out that metal tray from your coffee table and turn it into a stylish photo display project. Use really strong magnets to make sure those adorable wedding photos don’t budge. (via Monsters Circus)

DIY Holiday Card Graphic Print Memo Board

6. DIY Graphic Print Memo Board: Once you’ve got the basic construction down, you can really get creative with this chic memo board. Play around with patterns and holiday colors until you get the perfect minimal photo display to prop up on your desk, dresser or bookshelf. (via I Spy DIY)

DIY Color Blocked Instagram Ornaments

7. DIY Color Blocked Instagram Ornaments: Ok, here’s a really creative way to show off your fave holiday cards: Turn them into ornaments! Hang them on the tree or string them together into a garland that you can drape across the mantel. (via The Crafted Life)

DIY Holiday Card Mud Cloth Inspired Organizer

8. DIY Mud Cloth Inspired Organizer: Pull out the paints and decorate a plain wood circle for a cool photo display board that you can use all year long. Mud cloth is a super trendy pattern that will look awesome with your Scandi-inspired holiday decor, but obviously, you can use any design you like. (via A Bubbly Life)

DIY Holiday Card Metallic Hand Photo Garland

9. DIY Metallic Hand Photo Garland: Need a hand showing off that slew of cheesy holiday cards you just got in the mail? There’s a DIY for that! Use aluminum sheets (spray painted gold, of course) to make these clever hand cutouts that are just the right size for holding up those cards. String this across the wall or your mantel so it can double as decor. (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY Holiday Card Square Photo Holders

10. DIY Square Photo Holders: Some cards and photos just deserve their own special display. Pull out the clay and make these cool color-dipped photo holders that’ll really show your mom how much you appreciate her holiday sweater choices. (via Make and Tell)


11. DIY Instagram Block Gallery Wall: How cool would it be to have a gallery wall full of your holiday cards and photos? Skip the frames and try this rad 3D version of a gallery wall instead. It might take a little extra time to cut each card into a square, but the end result is so cool you’ll never want to take it down. (via A Joyful Riot)


12. DIY Faux Macaron Photo Holders: Because dessert is the reason for the season, right? Take an afternoon to pull out the clay and make an entire batch of faux macarons. Seriously, these are easier to make than the real thing. (via A Kailo Chic Life)


13. DIY Photo Gallery Clipboard: This project is less challenging than it will be to pick which baby photo will go on your own holiday card this year. Grab a board, paint the board and glue gold clips to the board — ta da, instant photo gallery clipboard. (via Damask Love)


14. DIY 10 Minute Fall Photo Frame: You don’t even have to make a trip to the craft store to make this all-natural photo frame. Grab a few mini branches from your yard and use them as the base for this rustic project. (via In My Own Style)


15. DIY Grid Wall Organization: At first glance, a grid wall might not seem like the most festive way to show off your holiday cards, but once you add a coat of copper spray paint, things get a lot more festive. If you’re expecting a lot of cards this season, you’ll want a board big enough to handle the load, and this grid wall is totally up to the challenge. (via I Spy DIY)


16. DIY Wine Cork Card Display: ‘Tis the season for much toasting and drinking of wine, so start stockpiling those corks ASAP. Or head to the craft store and buy a bag of corks. Use wood glue to attach them to a board and put a pin in those cards. (via Julep)


17. DIY Marble Photo Holder: Give your favorite cards a special place on your bookshelf with these elegant marble photo holders. These are so easy to make that you can make more every time you unload your mailbox. (via Burkatron)


18. DIY Photo Wall Hanging: Your friends and family are picture perfect, so why not turn their holiday cards into an actual piece of wall art? If black doesn’t really fit with your holiday color scheme, switch things up with different colored clay and string. (via Homey Oh My)


19. DIY House Photo Display: These natural wood block houses are like a cool variation of your grandma’s Christmas village. Leave them au natural or give them a pop of holiday cheer with a festive paint job. Either way, they’ll look absolutely adorable lined up along your mantel or bookcase. (via The Merrythought)


20. Geometric Painted Card Display: Keep things simple by putting mini nails into a piece of wood and using binder clips to hang up the cards. After you paint the board with a rad geo pattern, obviously. (via Dream Green DIY)


21. Salon Wall Display: A handful of pretty cards is the perfect excuse to DIY a new gallery wall, only with a holiday twist. Mix the cards in with existing art and add garlands and a “tree” topper to finish off the look. (via Brit + Co)

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