Crafting is a slippery slope of creative messes. You start with a little project and carefully store all your supplies in a neat box. Then, the next thing you know, washi tape and glitter have taken over your house, and you’re finding craft supplies in your kitchen and bathroom drawers. If this sounds like you, here are 17 tips to get that mess back under control so that you can start feeling creative again.

1. Washi Tape Holder: If you’re anything like us, washi tape is one of your favorite go-tos for crafting. But sometimes those little rolls can be a pain to store. You want to be able to see them all! Try painting a bracelet holder and hanging them on there for a pretty storage option. (via Crafts Unleashed)

2. Organize Twine: This twine storage is almost cute enough to be considered wall art! Put little rods into a colorful frame and you have instant organization. (via Damask Love)

3. Ribbon Storage Box: Perfect for a gift wrapping station, this box keeps your ribbons easily accessible but still tucked away. (via Fab You Bliss)

4. Animal Accessory Jar: These little jars are so cute you’ll want to use them for everything! Wouldn’t they be adorable half filled with colorful candy? (via Flax and Twine)

5. Pin Cushion Mason Jar: Now you can keep all sewing essential in one easy-to-reach place! The top of the jar turns into a pincushion and you can keep all the thread and buttons down below. (via I Love To Create)

6. Cardboard Tube Pencil Case: Just stick toilet paper rolls into a cardboard box for this super simple organizer! This way you can keep all your pens and pencils in one place, but still keep them separate and organized. (via Aunt Peaches)

7. Shower Caddy: Wall-mount a shower caddy for the perfect storage center. You could keep cards and envelopes on the shelves and hang ribbon and scissors down below. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

8. Paint Storage: Glue PVC pipe couplings together for this clever storage! When you keep the paint stored bottom out, you can see exactly what color you’re grabbing. (via Creative Blog)

9. Embroidery Floss: If your embroidery floss collection looks like a hairball/bird’s nest, try wrapping them around clothespins for a super secure storage trick! (via Heather Jones)

10. Washi Tape Storage: By using sticky command hooks, you could mount this little storage rack anywhere in the craft room, whether you have space on the back of a cabinet door or on the side of a bookcase. (via Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom)

11. DIY Yarn Storage: This basket is so cute you won’t mind having it sitting out. Made with felt and a couple yard sticks, this is the perfect basket for a craft room. (via Martha Stewart)

12. Printer Tray: You can often find these sectioned trays at the thrift store, and they would work great for organizing craft supplies. You could spray paint them a solid color to make them coordinate with your workspace. (via No Biggie)

13. Use Bathroom Accessories: Turn pretty bathroom organizers into crafty storage. Use a decorative toothbrush holder for pens and pencils and a soap dish for storing business cards and other little things. (via Better Homes and Garden)

14. Pencil Cups: Wrap plain old soup cans in pretty paper or fabric for a colorful craft room. (via Torie Jayne)

15. Hanging Cabinet: A shallow hanging cupboard provides lots of extra storage without taking up floor space! You can always add hooks for wrapping paper and a tension rod beneath the cupboard for even more organization. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

16. Teacups: Vintage teacups make adorable little storage solutions for all you jewelry makers out there. You can tape them to the bottom of the drawer to keep them from falling over and sliding around. (via Paige Smith)

17. Color Block Pegboards: You know us — give us the option and we just can’t resist adding color! Perk up your workspace with some big and bold pegboards that not only act as storage but add a major pop of color. (via Brit + Co)

How do you organize your craft supplies? Tell us about your workspace tip and tricks in the comments below!