Saturday nights have been one of our favorite nights for a long, long time. If a night of dancing isn’t in the cards, we definitely know that it will still be an evening of laughter due to the masterminds at SNL. We created six different Halloween costumes inspired by Kristen Wiig’s SNL skits. From Kat and Garth to Gilly, we were in love with every look. A huge thanks to our model Brittany, who is not only a Kristen Wiig lookalike, but also a huge fan. Just give her any skit — she most likely will know all of the words.


Garth and Kat Couples Costume


We’ll start off the Kristen Wiig Halloween costume tribute with our two favorite songwriters — Garth and Kat. By now they must have about 10 albums filled with hilariously awful, unplanned holiday songs. Even though they are a hot mess, Garth and Kat are welcome to our holiday parties anytime!


The key to these costumes is matching ugly holiday sweaters. We picked up these snowmen sweaters from Amazon along with two white turtlenecks. Go crazy and make your own with fun patches and pins just like Garth and Kat.


Garth and Kat’s hair is just as important as their signature sweaters. We ordered two of the same dirty blonde wigs from Amazon and styled them to match Garth and Kat’s looks.


“Seth, we promise we are prepared this time!”

Sue Surprise Costume


“Yesssss!!! Oh my godddddddd!” If only we could be as excited as Sue about everything and anything.


Head out to your local thrift store to find the best oversized geometric, primary color sweater. Pair with a turtleneck and chunky pink costume jewelry.


Hold up! Sue needs to take a breather. She’s SO EXCITED!


“My lips are dry and my knuckles have locked!”


“They’re going to tell you something huge! I’m just so FREAKIN’ excited!”

Penelope Costume


Penelope is known for always doing something first, before anyone ever knew about it, and doing it the best, better than anyone else. She pretty much is the world’s best compulsive liar who must always one-up you.


Um, you have a boss? Well, I am a boss and I’m the world’s best boss. Actually the best boss in the universe. Oh, and I own this universe and the universe next to this one too.


To complete Penelope’s look, you will want to find a wrap dress or a dress that ties at the waist. Pair with a curly red/brown wig and pin the hair back on the right side. Don’t forget your look of disgust and your endless lines of compulsive lies.


“Soo, I just got back from my honeymoon. We went to the moon, it’s made of honey. Sooooo….”

Target Lady Halloween Costume


The most enthusiastic check-out clerk in the world is Kristen Wiig’s Target lady. “I’m on the clock and ready to rock! Welcome to Ter-get!”


To complete this look, pick up a red vest from your local thrift store. We actually had a hard time finding one so we spray painted a white vest red. Print out the Target logo and hot glue it onto the chest of the vest so everyone will know you are a Target employee :) Top it off with a crazy patterned blouse, some big earrings and a bowl cut wig.


“A fifty! It’s legit!”


From now on, whenever your boss exits the room, this is the face you must make.

Gilly Halloween Costume


“Her name is Gilly and she’s at it again, causing lots of ruckus like a barnyard hen. She’s always making trouble, her hair is like a bubble. Knock, knock, who’s there? It’s Gilly.”


Gilly’s look is made up of three pieces — a short-sleeve white collared shirt, a pink dress and a pink belt. We created a heart stamp and stamped rows of black and red hearts against the dress. Use pink felt or ribbon to create the belt and the pink bow to pin into Gilly’s curly wig.


“Gilly, Gilllyyyyy……” “Uh… Sorry.”


Silly-dance the night away in tall white socks and black Mary Jane shoes.

Dooneese Halloween Costume


The Mecca of everything Kristen Wiig has ever done on SNL is Dooneese. This crazy ugly duckling character sure knows how to make us laugh with her outrageous one liners.


Dooneese wears all kinds of outfits, so find the best crazy dress at a thrift store to channel your best Dooneese. The key piece is, of course, the tiny hands! Extend the sleeves of the dress to make enough room for your real hands to hold the tiny hands.


“I found a dead cat on the side of the road, so I took it home and put some honey on it and cooked it.”


Let’s talk about this makeup! To get this insanely large forehead, you need to grab a bottle of Elmer’s glue, a wig cap, painters sponge, bobby pins and your foundation. First, cut out the top of the wig cap so you can slide it on like a headband. Pin the back of the wig cap so that it stays in place — the elastic part will hold onto your forehead just fine. At this point you will see the pins, but don’t worry — you will hide them later with a little trick.

Once your wig band is in place, begin to use the sponge paint brush to stipple on the Elmer’s glue. Completely cover the wig cap and the line that lays on your forehead. This will take a few layers. The idea is to disguise the line of demarcation from the wig cap and your forehead. YES — the glue will completely wash out of your hair as soon as warm water and suds hit it :) Once the glue has dried, you will layer your foundation over the top to blend in with your skin.

Finally, back comb the crap out of your hair, smooth it down gently without losing all the volume and then curl the ends up (you can bobby pin them in place to help them stay). To hide the bobby pins and the top of the wig cap, simply pull some of your hair over the top and pin in place to recreate your new hairline.


And that’s a wrap! Kristen Wiig — if you are out there reading this, that would make us so. freaking. excited.

Which SNL character or skit is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

Photos via Saturday Night Live on NBC

DIY production and styling – Kelly Bryden

Beauty – Misty Spinney

Model – Brittany Griffin

Photographer – Kurt Andre