No matter how much you love heels, you can’t deny the comfortability of flat sneakers. Luckily for us, sneakers are seriously hot this summer. Whether you’re rockin’ the slip-ons or sporting your gym sneaks, you can never have too many pairs. And now, we’re making it even easier to grow your one-of-a-kind shoe collection with these 24 playful pairs that you can make yourself. You can thank us later.

1. Patterned Sneakers: White canvas sneakers are just begging to be drawn on. Get inspired by our prints or freestyle some doodles of your own. (via Brit + Co)

2. Polka Dots: Neon sneakers are always a good idea, but this spotty tutorial makes them even cuter. (via Leopard and Lavender)

3. Braided Laces: Makeover your shoe laces by replacing them with braided fabric strips. It’s a great way to recycle your scraps and give your sneakers new life. Plus, you can transfer them from pair to pair. (via Martha Stewart)

4. Neon Studs: This bright tutorial may be for kids sneaks, but we would totally rock these all day long. The marriage of neon studs and white high tops can live happily ever after in our closets (or on our feet). (via Small Fry)

5. Keith Haring Inspired Sneakers: Rock a piece of your favorite ‘80s artist all day long with these colorful and fun Keith Haring shoes. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

6. Ombre Slip-Ons: Give your skater sneaks an upgrade by giving them an ombre effect. We’re obsessed. (via Plaid Online)

7. Fringe: A little fabric glue can go a long way with this frilly tutorial. While we’re loving the black sneaker and pink ombre fringe combo, you could play around with a variety of different color stories. (via Brit + Co)

8. DIY Platforms: Prada came out with the coolest platforms back in 2011 and this fairly simple tutorial shows you how to get the same look. All you need is a pair of basic white sneakers, an old pair of flip flops, some glue and some braided rope. This is one chic pair that’ll never go out of style. (via A Pair + A Spare)

9. Neon Trim: A quick neon accent is the simplest way to upgrade your kicks. (via Refinery29)

10. Organic Colorful Forms: This is a fool-proof way to add some color and fun to your feet. Just grab a brush and start painting random shapes. Then, with a black paint marker, go back and add some dots and lines. Easy as that! (via A Beautiful Mess)

11. Glitter Sneakers: Mod Podge and glitter come together to create this jazzy pair. We don’t know about you, but we’d love to see these in rainbow glitter. (via Teen Vogue)

12. Colorful Zigzags: After you tediously master the stencil, the rest of the job is simple. Just trace and fill in the shapes like a coloring book. (via Refinery29)

13. Map Shoes: If you have an old pair of sneaks that you can’t bear to throw out, transform them by using a colorful map… because maps are awesome. (via Cut Out + Keep)

14. Lace Slip-Ons: Turns out making lace covered sneaks isn’t as hard as it looks. Just paste a swatch of your favorite lace fabric on top of your slip-ons and voila, you’ve got a brand spankin’ new pair. (via Sprinkles in Springs)

15. Floral + Stripes: Can’t decide between stripes and florals? This DIY sneaker tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions on how to fashionably have both. (via I Love to Create)

16. Confetti: These cuties are inspired by twinkling Christmas lights, but they sort of remind us of sprinkles. All you need is some colorful Sharpies (and what DIYer doesn’t have a bunch of those lying around?). (via Dream a Little Bigger)

17. Cutout Sneakers: We’ve already established our love for cutout sneakers, and guess what?! We found a way to make ‘em on your own with just a pair of scissors. Hello, summer! (via My White Idea)

18. Watercolor Sneakers: Get your art on with these beautiful, bright shoes. Made with soft brushstrokes, this pretty pair is almost too nice to wear. (via Lovely Indeed)

19. Mosaic Painting: Strips of painter’s tape make this DIY project a cinch. Just tape off the parts that you want to remain the color of the shoe (in this case, white) and fill in the squares with an assortment of colors. (via What I Wore)

20. Stenciled Glitter Shoes: If you’ve got a cool stencil and don’t know what to do with it, mix up some glitter glue and get stencilin’. The sparkly results are awesome! (via Trinkets in Bloom)

21. Faux Oxfords: Gold or black paint can easily transform your white tennis shoes into classy oxfords. Just remember, patience makes perfect. (via Mom Spark)

22. Dyed Sneakers: We love dip-dyed anything, and these sneaks are no exception. Believe it or not, the pink ones were made with Kool-Aid! (via Design for Mankind)

23. Cutout Polka Dots: Another way to take full advantage of the cutout shoe trend is with quirky cutout polka dots. The best part is you can rock ‘em through fall with a colorful pair of socks! (via Refinery29)

24. Spotted: Drawing perfect white circles on a black canvas can be pretty daunting, but all you have to do is use the base of a thimble as a stamp! So clever, we can’t even. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Have you ever given your shoes a makeover? Tell us about it below or tweet us a pic @BritandCo!