While it鈥檚 always a blast to stay on trend with the most recent wearable tech , there鈥檚 something about a good ol鈥 textile that will simply never go out of style. If you鈥檙e trying to beat聽creative block or you鈥檙e craving a new DIY after crafting the perfect pillow covers to match your fabulous wall art , we鈥檝e got just what you need. Scroll on for 12 textile DIY projects to tackle this weekend.


1. Polyvore Tassel Necklace Kit ($25): Add some fabric-y flair in a not-so-common spot: around your neck! This DIY tassel necklace is super fun to make and mega fun to wear. It complements any neutral ensemble swimmingly.


2. Fiber Huis Coaster Weaving Loom Kit ($60): These loomed-up coasters are the coolest things since sliced bread. Not only do you get to have homemade coasters, but you get to have homemade coasters that came from your very own loom. Whaaaaat!


3. Sugar and Cloth Gold Foil Tote Kit ($19): Everyone loves a good tote (there鈥檚 never a shortage of things to carry around, is there?) and gold makes everything extra glam. Whether it鈥檚 your gym bag or work tote, add a touch of golden sparkle with this kit to take your bag to the next level.


4. Jacquard Products Screen Printing Kit ($70): If you went through a huge neutral phase and now you鈥檙e feeling a little blah about it, jazz up your stuff with this super rad at-home screen printing kit. From t-shirts to tote bags and everything in between, your soon-to-be-colorful self will thank you.


5. Studio MME Party Animal Embroidery Kit ($30): Whether you like to party, love animals or both, this cheeky little embroidery kit is the sweetest thing ever. Add some needlework to dish towels, pillow cases and anything else you know of that needs a little stitch art.


6. Brit + Co Hand-Stamped Pillow Covers Kit ($30): No need to limit your decorative pillow choices to those available at the store. Instead, get crafty and make your own at home. Now you can create the perfectly stamped design you鈥檝e been waiting all these months to find.


7. Brit + Co Woven Cuff Bracelet Kit ($19): If you鈥檝e got enough in the way of clothes and home decor, this DIY textile cuff is calling your name. The color and pattern combos are endless, so it鈥檚 truly yours no matter how you approach it.


8. Idieh Design Stenciled Tee and Tote Kit ($39): You don鈥檛 have to choose between a DIY tote or a DIY tee with this double-punch combo. Style them to match or make two totally different pieces depending on how you feel.


9. Seedling Design Your Own Bird Wings ($20): For kids of all ages, this kit is about as whimsical as it gets. In no time at all you鈥檒l be flying through fields or simply strolling down city sidewalks, wings floating along behind you.


10. Brit + Co 聽Dip Dyed Rope Bowls Kit ($24): If you鈥檙e looking to step up your organization but also have a hankering to make something, this dip-dyed bowl kit is just what you need. You鈥檒l get to tackle a creative project and end up with a pretty place to keep track of things like keys and lose change or jewelry.


11. Brit + Co 聽Color Wrapped Bracelets Kit ($24): Looking for a textile bracelet that鈥檚 a little more subtle? You鈥檝e found it in this wrapped bracelet kit. It鈥檚 got all the textile and color of a cuff without the size.


12. Jacquard Products Indigo Tie Dye Kit ($12): You鈥檒l never tire of responding to all the compliments you get on your vibrant scarf by saying, 鈥淥h thanks, I made it myself!鈥 Toss this beauty over anything from a white tee to an LBD.

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