If you鈥檝e ever wondered what you鈥檇 look like as a dog, consider this your lucky day, puppy pals. There is now a Twitter account that will pick out your canine twin for you鈥 and yes, it鈥檚 just as amazing as it sounds. Introducing, the magical new Twitter account You Are Dog Now.


Launched on January 13, the idea behind You Are Dog Now is simple: submit a photo of yourself and the mysterious genius behind this account will find your doggie lookalike.


So far YADN has created puppy alter egos for everyone from an adventurous hiking couple to a floral wreath wearing lady to Chris Pratt. It鈥檚 a weird skill to have, but whoever is behind this account is shocking accurate at making dog-human pairings.


This is really the Internet at its finest, people.


Very important note: The associate editors at Brit + Co (AKA Beth Wischnia and myself) have submitted a joint photo in hopes that we might too become dogs. Once our transformation is complete you can bet we鈥檒l be adding it in here ASAP.

What鈥檚 the best dog doppelganger pairing you spotted on this account? Share with us on Twitter @britandco.

(Photos via @youaredognow)