When Jennifer Lopez started stepping out with Drake, things got really hot really fast. And while many fans were calling “Hiddleswift” on the sitch pretty much from the beginning, the duo parted ways almost as suddenly as they hooked up. Though we may have assumed JLo was merely ready to move on (hello, Alex Rodriguez!), Drake has now revealed a few embarrassing (yet unfortunately relatable) deets about his relationship with Jenny from the block. Specifically, the end of the relationship.


Drake’s fans will be able to fill you in on the fact that on Saturday night, he dropped his More Life playlist, and among the mix was his song “Free Smoke.” In it, we get a little glimpse into the celebs’ sitch. “I drunk text JLo / Old number so it bounce back…”

OMG! Drake drunk texted JLo and she ghosted him?! It certainly sounds like it. While most of us can (unfortunately) relate to a regrettable drunk text or two, being ghosted by Jennifer Lopez is pretty epically embarrassing.

But that’s not all!

In “Teenage Fever,” Drake actually samples JLo’s “If You Had My Love.” Ya know, a song about being “untrue,” kinda like Drake reportedly was when he was spotted with another lady while supposedly seeing JLo. Ouch.

Things may not be so smooth with these particular exes, if Drake’s playlist is any indication.

Have you ever sent a text while not quite, er, sober? Did it have a better (or funnier) outcome than Drake’s sitch? Let us know @BritandCo!

(h/t Elite Daily; photo via Vaughn Ridley/Getty)