Traveling is our favorite thing to do — even when it causes us the occasional stress, anxiety and maybe a migraine or two (seriously, HOW many pairs of underwear are we supposed to pack?!). Imagine those Qs and stresses for the more frequent fliers among us who live a chunk of their 9-to-5s on the road. Real-life Up in the Air-ers, get excited; now there’s an app called DUFL that will do all the business trip packing for you. Heck, it’ll even take your luggage off your hands entirely and get it directly to your destination.


Focusing on those that (sadly) consider the airport their second home — business travelers — DUFL is a luxury service that acts like a personal valet for your on-the-road work attire. The work trip service simplifies work week excursions by shipping, cleaning and storing your meeting/conference-ready clothing — dresses, heels, tops, accessories, etc.


After registering, users are sent a suitcase to pack like they’re heading on a work trip. Instead of hopping on a plane, they send it to the company’s warehouse, aka the home of virtual closets for businessmen + women nationwide. Once it’s time to head out of town for work, all it takes to be fully prepared is a few outfit selections (made on the iOS app) and a travel destination to get that suitcase waiting at the hotel. Then when it’s time to head home, DUFL will pick up the bag (at a scheduled time) and clean and store your attire until the time comes for you to head back on the road again. Fingers crossed that’s a few weeks down the road.

While this service is a game changer for the bi-monthly (or more) travelers in our lives to help make their regular airport departures and arrivals more efficient and stress-free, it does come at a price. The closet space is $9.95 per month and a round trip for your DUFL suitcase will cost you $99. So here’s hoping you can expense DUFL on the company card to give you more time to get your productivity on before, after and en route to your destination.

Frequent business flyers, will you give DUFL a try? Let us know in the comments.