If you suffer from chronic migraines… well, you already know — it’s just the worst. When one sets in, you likely head to your bedroom, put on an eye mask, cringe and pray for it to pass. But to get a better idea of what might be causing your pain, take off that eye mask for a few seconds and use Migraine Buddy.


Similar to apps like Clue, Migraine Buddy lets you track every little detail of your life and your body before and during your migraine. The app was created with the help of neurologists and neurosurgeons to make sure all of the necessary information is being tracked and recorded so you can see trends in your migraines, and hopefully cut down on whatever it is that might be causing them. The app even includes a sleep detection engine, so it can directly get info on how your snooze may be affecting your brain.


The information you provide is anonymously sent to researchers so they can use that data to come up with a serious treatment. The app launched last summer, and there are currently over 20 thousand people using it.


The app creators have thought of everything, even a “bother me later” option in case your migraine is starting up and you can’t even fathom staring at your illuminated phone to make an entry in that moment. One of the creators said that they’re even working on the capability to predict migraines.

You can download Migraine Buddy on iOS and Android for free to start tracking your migraines and helping researchers find a cure.

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