On Tuesday morning, Justin Timberlake woke up and sent out a tweet:

He probably thought he was being cute. Or funny. Or maybe he鈥檚 just woefully uninformed and actually doesn鈥檛 know what 鈥淗ave you鈥檙e cake and eat it too鈥 means. Whatever the case, we鈥檙e pretty sure that he never could have anticipated the response that Dylan Farrow quickly dished out:

If you鈥檝e somehow missed Farrow鈥檚 domination of the #MeToo news cycle in recent weeks, she鈥檚 the estranged adopted daughter of director Woody Allen, and she鈥檚 been making waves in Hollywood and beyond. Farrow has claimed for more than two decades that Allen sexually abused her as a child, and she鈥檚 been highly critical of the #MeToo movement for not bringing down the axe on her former dad. Allen has always denied the allegations and was investigated and cleared of the charges back in the 鈥90s.

It seems that Hollywood is finally listening to Farrow, because in recent weeks numerous stars have publicly pledged not to work with Allen in the future, and other actors have donated earnings from Allen films to charity.

Timberlake had a role in Allen鈥檚 2017 film, Wonder Wheel. He is not one of the actors who has spoken out against Allen. Timberlake did choose to wear a Time鈥檚 Up pin to the Golden Globes, though, a fact that Farrow apparently saw as a contradiction she couldn鈥檛 let slide. James Franco and Aziz Ansari were also called out for hypocrisy after sporting the pin at the awards show, but unlike Timberlake, both Ansari and Franco stand accused of questionable sexual behavior.

Some of Timberlake鈥檚 fans thought the call-out was a little unfair:

Others, not so much:

Timberlake himself weighed in on the conversation later Tuesday, and tried to keep things lighthearted:

He also added this:

It seems JT is choosing to ignore Farrow鈥檚 call-out. By Wednesday he had still not responded and appeared to have moved on, posting several new tweets about upcoming projects. We鈥檒l see if the court of public opinion is as forgiving as JT is being to himself.

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