Pulling your look together for Easter brunch is not like dusting off your shoulders for any old weekend chow down. Remember, this is basically the reason why the term “Sunday Best” was invented. While you’re planning your head-to-toe look (pastel dress definitely included), know that your Easter hairstyle doesn’t have to be as intricate as a faberge egg. In fact, we’ve found 13 easy Easter brunch hairstyles you could totally pull off in 15 minutes or less — way less (as in, add a hair clip, go get that ham). Scroll through for our favorite almost-effortless hairstyles that are still pretty enough to be dubbed special occasion-worthy.


1. Double Braided Headband: Looking to accessorize your brunch hairstyle without dropping some dough on an actual accessory? Turn your tresses into the ultimate statement piece with a double braided headband. Create the look by wrapping both a fishtail and classic braid over the top of your head for a look fit for a Disney princess. (via @amberfillerup)


2. Urban Outfitters Gold Hair Lead Comb ($16): Lazy girls, rejoice! We just found the best accessory to help step up your Easter brunch hair game. Add this gilded comb to your deep-parted hair to give your relaxed springtime style a festive touch.


3. Shaggy Hat Hair: One of our favorite second-day hair hacks — hat hair! Toss aside your winter beanie and throw a fedora on your second-day (maybe greasy?) locks for that chic hipster style. (via @taylorashae)


4. Loose Half Knot: If you like to stick to your old standbys, try loosening the reins on your typical half top knot and create a large, light and bouncy loop to complement the tone of your carefree brunch. If you want to up your game, try adding in a single boho braid. (via Kokay)


5. Dutch Boxer Braid: Level up your boxer braids by making your double braids Dutch ones, giving this trending look totally welcome dimension. Since your hair is off your shoulders, why not try showing off those toned arms with an off-the-shoulder dress? (via @thisisayden)


6. Hollywood Waves: For the drama queen at the breakfast table, give your Sunday hair some dramatic flair with these awards show-ready waves perfect for long and short styles alike. Although the look might seem a little high fashion, it can add depth to a more casual look, and of course it pairs perfectly with a floral frock. (via @thecutlife)


7. Spiral Waves: Put a little spring in your step — and your hair — with these tight spiral waves (or run your fingers through the curls for a looser style). This hairstyle is pretty much made for short-haired girls looking to rock a bouncy ‘do at their next big event. (via Brit + Co)


8. Low Half Knot: Bring a touch of sophistication to your staple laid-back ‘do and wear your half knot on the lower side. Hold the knot in place with an elastic or set it with some pins for a style fit for a chill Sunday morning. (via @collagevintage)


9. Off-Duty Model Braid: Capture the poised and polished style of Gigi Hadid with this “off-duty model” hairstyle (aka a high pony fishtail braid) for a look that’s better than anything you’ll have this Easter brunch — well, except bacon, ’cause nothing is better than bacon. And for Monday morning? Just wrap the fishtail in a bun so you can catch a few more extra Zzzzs to sleep off those mimosas. (via Brit + Co)


10. High Ponytail: Ariana, eat your heart out! Steal the songstress’s signature style and strut into brunch like a total diva. Just don’t forget to camouflage the elastic with with a wrap of your hair. (via @thisisayden)


11. Fishtail Crown: Wanna bring a little romance to your Sunday-morning style? Make two chunky fishtail braids and wrap them around the crown of your head, creating a sweet and ethereal ‘do. (via @hunt_and_harvest)


12. High Bun: For a no-fuss hairstyle that’s up for whatever, try this high bun, perfect for anything from Easter egg hunting to whipping up Sunday Brunch. To keep flyaways out of your eyes, be sure to smooth down stray hairs with a spritz of hairspray before you head out. (via @fisayolonge)


13. Fringe Braid: Want the beauty of bangs without pulling out the scissors? Create a faux fringe simple braid to give you a new, no-commitment hairstyle that will leave everyone at the table doing a double take. (via Travels & Treasures)

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