There are tons of mouthwatering salads out there, but we all know that what makes or breaks them is the dressing. Sometimes it’s hard to think outside the box on a classic salad topper like vinaigrette, but we’ve discovered that vinaigrette has so much more to offer than just balsamic. We’ve done the world a favor by hunting down 13 of the best vinaigrette recipes out there. So take a break from your go-to mason jar salad with ranch and discover how delicious (and impressive!) a great vinaigrette can be.


1. Basil Vinaigrette Recipe: If you’ve been searching for a way to put all the fresh basil from your mini herb garden to good use, here’s your solution. Just add a pinch of sugar and spoonful of Dijon and you’re all set. (via Simply Recipes)


2. Creamy Avocado Vinaigrette: We’ve already fallen in love with avocado toast and guacamole, so why not try it in a vinaigrette too? The beloved fruit will add the perfect amount of creaminess to a classic salad dressing. (via Back to Her Roots)


3. Kalamata Olive and Basil Vinaigrette: It’s always a good idea to blend in lots of herbs to create a signature vinaigrette. Fresh basil accents the Kalamata olives wonderfully, and the flecks of purple make for a gorgeous plate of veggies. (via Healthy Seasonal Recipes)


4. Asian Citrus Vinaigrette: A little Asian fusion is the perfect way to spice up your #saddesklunch. Think: a myriad of citrus juices, some classic soy sauce and a splash of Sriracha. Now that sounds like a mid-week pick-me-up! (via A Family Feast)


5. Greek Vinaigrette: The kick of garlic in this dressing will give any bare-bones salad tons of flavor. Pro tip: You’ll want to use this dressing up within a week of making it, so we recommend planning ahead and using it for your lunch salads for the week. (via Little Broken)


6. Apple Chipotle Vinaigrette: When your salad is feeling a little blah and you’re in desperate need of some heat, leave it to chipotle to save the day. The apple flavor is super unexpected but very welcome, because this dressing will surely impress your dinner date. (via Julie Blanner)


7. Strawberry Poppyseed Vinaigrette: A lot of people add sliced strawberries to their salads when they want to dress them up a bit, so why not add them to a vinaigrette? The fruity flavor is exactly what your romaine is begging for — trust us. (via The Baker Upstairs)


8. Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette: Every list of great vinaigrettes has to include a classic balsamic concoction. This one is chock full of garlic, parsley, oregano and basil. Now that’s what we call DELICIOUS. (via Damn Delicious)


9. Basic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing: Sometimes a girl just wants a classic vinaigrette. Well, we found one for you. We recommend keeping a jar of this in the fridge at work, because you’re going to want it pretty much every day. (via A Couple Cooks)


10. Kalamata Olive and Feta Vinaigrette: Kalamata olives come from Greece and are fabulous whole or processed into a vinaigrette. The star of this dressing to us, though, is the equally Greek feta cheese. It gives that tang we all search for in a five-star dressing. (via Closet Cooking)


11. Lemon Garlic Vinaigrette: Garlic lovers, rejoice! We found a vinaigrette that has both the tang and the bite. The trick here is to shave three cloves of garlic and substitute cider vinegar for balsamic. (via Dinners, Dishes, Desserts)


12. Sweet and Tangy Honey Mustard Vinaigrette: For all those honey mustard lovers out there who swore they’d never like a vinaigrette, this one’s for you. Just mix in a little bit of Dijon and honey with balsamic vinegar and you’re good to go. (via Rachel Cooks)


13. Triple Berry Lime Vinaigrette: When your salad needs that extra layer of sweet, this dressing does the trick. It’s made with all your favorite berries and a splash of lime — we give this one *all* of the gold stars. (via Whats That Smell?)

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