Quinoa, quinoa, quinoa: Our love for this ancient seed knows no bounds. Whether we’re whipping together veggie bowls or sneaking it in our desserts, we’re all about about incorporating the powerful ingredient into our diets. That’s going to be easier than ever now that SF has its own futuristic, fast-fresh restaurant that totally rivals our beloved Chipotle.

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Eatsa offers a glimpse into the future of food. According to Fast Company, the vegetarian restaurant features eight different quinoa-based bowls, including Mediterranean-inspired, curry and even a burrito bowl. None of the bowls top out above 646 calories, and they’re all below seven dollars, making for a protein-packed, calorie-conscious and wallet-friendly lunch option.


We forgot to mention the best part: The entire process is automated. You order at a touch-screen kiosk and pay electronically. Once your order is in, Eatsa aims to get your bowl out to you in under two minutes. Yes, you read that right — under two minutes.

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In comparison to Chipotle, where the line takes about 15 minutes, Eatsa’s proposed new system sounds like magic. If there’s a technical difficulty, or, ahem, user error, there will be a human “concierge” on site, ready to help you with whatever you need. The system even saves your repeat orders, so you can cut down on wait time even further.

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In the future, Eatsa wants to hand food out via robots, eliminating even more overhead and getting you your food faster and smarter. Their first general manager is an ex-military robotics specialist, so it’s looking like robot servers might actually become a reality. You definitely can count on this becoming our regular go-to lunch spot.

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(Photos via @eatsarestaurant)