We don’t have to tell you that summertime = beer o’ clock when it comes to the weekends. But with so many outdoor activities on our to do list, it’s also a time to think outside the bar, which is why we’re all about scouting the interwebs for innovations that scream “Bring me to the beach/backyard/bbq/picnic/camping trip!!!!” Guess what? We found a beer-related one that will help save the planet, too.

Brew babes and boys, get ready to answer the call to “beer me” in the absolute chillest way ever with the eCool. The “earth cooler” is an easy-to-install system that you can put in the ground in your backyard, patio or campsite. The contraption is less than four feet long and, according to the site, can be planted into the ground with a garden drill or even a shovel. Its conveyor belt holds up to 24 cans — just turn the hand crank on the side and a new can surfaces. And it’s frosty just like you like it.

The electricity-free eCool doesn’t zap any juice to cool your brews, its grounded locale wraps it in a chilly hug for you and even keeps out the freeze in the winter. We see it as the contraption and Mother Nature working in perfect harmony. Mama Nat is all like, Hey, thanks for not needing to burn anymore of my resources to get tipsy! In exchange I’ll lend you some of the earth’s natural cool factor. Thanks, Mother dearest!

Watching it in action actually made us giggle with joy, it packs some serious whoa factor that we bet is even more impressive in person. Your buddies might never tire of seeing you crank a chilled brew straight from your own personal, eco-friendly beer well. And neither will we. Our only gripe with the product is that it says it’s “intended for the man who has everything” — hey, four Danish dudes who invented it, beer ain’t a boys-only beverage! Though we’ll admit this would make our dads preeeetty happy if we had this ready and waiting for them to try out on Father’s Day.

With a slogan like “Save the world one earth cooled beer at a time,” it shouldn’t be too difficult to find folks willing to join the cause. For $349 per eCool, this could be the sickest wedding gift for a sustainable-striving, brewski-loving couple or a splurge that will make your roommates and BFFs think you’re the coolest — er, eCoolest crafter around.

Who in your life needs an eCool? Share a favorite innovation or invention that you’ve stumbled upon recently below!

(h/t Core77)