You put SOOOOO much creativity into making beautiful Easter eggs each year, only to toss the whole bunch after the holiday. But here’s a food *reuse* idea that’s as green as spring. Store the eggs properly and you’ve got a real jump-start on delicious hard-boiled egg recipes. Everyone loves deviled eggs, and they make a great Easter brunch appetizer. But don’t overlook the humble egg salad. Here are 15 recipes so delicious, they’ll make you love Easter egg leftovers almost as much as you loved the decorated versions.


1. Curried Egg Salad Sandwich: Deviled eggs can be so pretty — if you’re a perfect peeler. But who wants to see one that looks like it’s been hacked with a jigsaw when you can eat this delicious curry-spiked egg salad sammy instead? (via FoodieCrush)


2. High Maintenance Egg Salad Sandwich: This fancy egg salad really goes the extra mile. It calls for an easy homemade mayo that makes ALL the difference. (via A Beautiful Plate)


3. Za’atar Egg Salad: Za’atar is just naked egg, nestled in a bed of micro greens, then piled high on a thick slice of garlic toast. But the taste is out of this world delish. (via Botanica)


4. Egg Salad Tartine and Spicy Dill Pickles: If you want to get fancy, call your open faced sandwich a *tartine* and dress it up for brunch. This recipe calls for a drizzle of homemade spicy mustard-mayo that really is gourmet-level good. (via Katherine in Brooklyn)


5. Chimichurri Egg Salad: If you’re a fan of egg salad with bold flavor, this chimichurri version will not disappoint. Cilantro and egg make a surprisingly tasty pairing that will make you wonder where it’s been all your life. (via A Brown Table)


6. Simply Perfect Egg Salad: This recipe should come with a warning. It calls for fancy-schmancy mascarpone cheese and truffle oil, and once you’ve tasted it you’ll never go back to ordinary egg salad again. (via The Owl With the Goblet)


7. Bacon Sriracha Egg Salad: When you’re making egg salad, bacon just seems a given, amiright? Bonus: These wraps are 100 percent gluten-free. (via Kim’s Cravings)


8. Green Goddess Egg Salad: Eggs are mixed with an herby green goddess dressing that’s *zingy* with apple cider vinegar to please the adulting palate. (via The Whole Bite)


9. Sabich: With chopped hard boiled egg, fried eggplant, potatoes, and Israeli salad, sabich is Israeli street food at its best. (via Cook’s Hideout)


10. Herby Avocado Egg Salad Sandwiches: If you’ve got leftover Easter eggs and some ripe avocados, you’ve got a veritable feast. As quick as you can say “easy peasy lemon squeezy,” you’re looking at enough sammy fixin’s to fuel you for days. (via The Roasted Root)


11. Avocado Egg Salad: Why eat ordinary egg salad when you can take it up a notch? This recipe calls for chopped green onions for zing, a dash of piri-piri for kick, and a smattering of chopped walnuts for crunch. (via The Healthy Foodie)


12. Mayo-Free Egg Spread: There’s a distinct lack of mayo weighing this sammy down. The binding hero here is a light ricotta cheese that whips up oh-so fluffy and yummy. (via Garlic Matters)


13. Sriracha Egg Salad Sandwich: Don’t settle for a sad soggy sandwich ever, when you can have this creamy, Sriracha-spiked, lip-smacking good egg salad, made with Greek yogurt instead of mayo. Your coworkers will be begging for a bite. (via Toaster Oven Love)


14. Deviled Egg Salad Finger Sandwiches: These cute finger sandwiches would be perfect for an outdoor Easter brunch. But they’d go over equally well at a bridal or baby shower, so bookmark STAT. (via Pinch Me, I’m Eating)


15. Lemon Caper Egg Salad: If you hanker for an egg salad with big, bold flavors, lemon juice for bite, and lots of crunchy texture, this baby is your jam. (via Macheesmo)

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