Folks seem to be getting really serious about separating their egg yolks from their egg whites. It’s an egg-cellent way to get a good amount of protein without all that yolky cholesterol, and is especially essential when making your first eggs-troardinary batch of macarons. All yolks aside though, here are 5 egg separators you should check out ;)

1. Yolkr ($12): First up, we’ve got the Yolkr. This recently successful Kickstarter project sucks egg yolks and happens to be really, really good looking. We love all the different colors this comes in, fit for any kitchen.

2. Whisk (concept): We can’t wait for this whisk to hit the market. The head of the whisk features a basket-like depression, sized to perfectly cradle a yolk as the whites fall throw the whisk. You can set the whisk on a countertop without it rolling off the edge, and it also balances on the rim of a bowl so you can easily crack an egg right into it.

3. Ceramic Chick Separator ($5): The question is, what came first? This adorable egg separator kind of has an accidental dark side to it – there’s definitely something cannibalistic about cracking an egg into a ceramic chick and pouring the egg white out of the chick’s beak.

4. Handheld Egg Cracker + Separator ($7): Not only does this separate egg yolks from egg whites, it cracks eggs too! What!

5. Pluck ($13): Huzzah! Last we’ve got Plucky, a plucky little bugger here to make your egg separating dreams come true. Similar to Yolkr, this employs the “suck” technique for separating yolks from whites. It’s easy to clean and is sure to make your breakfasts much healthier.

Do you use a gadget to separate egg yolks from whites? Or do you do it the old fashioned way? Talk to us in the comments below.