Elle King Opens Up About Her Battle With PTSD and Depression
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Elle King Opens Up About Her Battle With PTSD and Depression

Singer Elle King remains one of the most open and honest celebrities in showbiz. In the aftermath of her whirlwind romance with soon-to-be ex-husband Andrew Ferguson, the “Exes and Ohs” singer got candid about their secret marriage and subsequent split via her Instagram account. Now she’s taking to the same platform to share her story about PTSD, depression, and how she’s getting help.

In a heartfelt post, King discussed working through the effects of depression and PTSD with her therapist. “I’m slowly learning that prolonging and putting off that inevitable and looming painful decision or choice … ONLY CREATES MORE PAIN. AND YOU’RE LITERALLY JUST SITTING IN IT,” the singer wrote.

“But today, while working through my PTSD with my doc, I felt that door inside of me open up just a little bit more. It used to be covered in caution tape and red lights flashing DO NOT OPEN. But I felt a cool little breeze and it wasn’t as scary peeping through,” she added. “I also realized that PTSD and/or depression FOR ME, and I say for me because I can only speak for myself, is like a trip on LSD.”

“Today, if presented with two options, I will CHOOSE the one that is most beneficial and happy for me right then and there. I’ll make some healthy choices. Today I’ll drink water and say something nice about myself. I brushed my teeth sooosososo good too. I might even hug myself. But I’m definitely going to love myself. Just like I love all of you!!!”

King’s admission comes during what the singer has dubbed her “birthday week.” Since yesterday, the star has been posting snippets of her birthday celebrations, including an ode to the year that was.

“As I dip my toe into the wise old age of 28, I can see how much the definition of love can change in a heartbeat. I got married! To my darling Love Fergie, thank you for loving me and I’m excited and honored to have the opportunity to redefine love for us, as friends. But I’m excited to get to know myself.” Wise words on anyone’s birthday.

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