Halloween is right around the corner! You already have a costume for Whiskers, and 鈥 not that you鈥檙e lazy or anything 鈥 you really just aren鈥檛 feeling the face paint and crazy costumes this year. If you鈥檙e looking for the perfect one-and-done costume, this DIY embroidered mask by Common Thread might just be your solution! This project will take less than two hours, and it鈥檚 easy to do in advance, so you鈥檒l have it ready by Halloween. Not to mention, you get to practice your embroidery skills in the process. The pattern, available to download below, shows you all the stitches to get this pattern, and you can fully customize it with your favorite colors and stitches. If you are new to embroidery or just need a refresher course, don鈥檛 worry, we teach all the basics in our online class, Intro to Embroidery.

Download the printable embroidery pattern

You could even make a DIY day of it with friends! (Hmm, is a Halloween masquerade party on the books this year?) The possibilities are endless!


The mask鈥檚 finished measurements are about 10 x 5 1/2 inches.


(Available at Common Thread by DMC)

  • off-white felt (1/8-inch thickness) 10 x 5 1/2 inches
  • embroidery scissors
  • DMC embroidery needle size 5
  • round elastic bands 16 inches
  • DMC Embroidery Transfer Pen
  • DMC embroidery thread S995 (Satin 30995)
  • DMC embroidery thread S959 (Satin 30959)
  • DMC embroidery thread E3821 Metallic Light Effects (5282)
  • DMC embroidery thread E3837 Metallic Light Effects (5289)
  • DMC embroidery thread 892
  • DMC embroidery thread 972
  • DMC embroidery thread 704
  • DMC embroidery thread 3844
  • DMC embroidery thread 740
  • DMC embroidery thread 550
  • DMC Satin Radiant Treasures Thread Pack
  • DMC Light Effects Classical Blends Thread Pack
  • DMC Embroidery Needles Size 5


1. Transfer your design to the felt.

2. Using your scissors, trim around the mask and around the eyeholes.

3. Using two strands of DMC embroidery thread, embroider the mask design following the pattern.

4. Create two small holes at the sides of your mask. Then tie knots through the holes with the round elastic bands.

When you鈥檙e finished, tweet us your pics @BritandCo!

(Photos via Common Thread by DMC)