You can choose a color and pattern theme for your abode, but what’s a home without a bit of sparkle? Since April’s birthstone is the diamond, we think it’s the perfect time to show some decor love to our BFF. And whether you were born this month or are just super into gem everything, these 13 diamond decor ideas are just brilliant. While some may be a bit less sparkly (and more shape-inspired) than others, they are definitely no less glam. Sparkle on, friends!

1. Neon Gem Pillow ($32): How about adding a bit of neon flair to your couch or bed? Your other throw pillows will definitely be jealous.

2. Hanging Diamond Terrarium ($65): This large diamond has the greatest potential for sparkle when you hang it by a window.

3. DIY Diamond Pin Board: Round up all your Post-Its on the fanciest pin board you will ever see. Paint it silver or white with a gold outline for an extra dose of fab. (via Craft Hunter)

4. Diamond Curtains ($128): These curtains may be a more one-dimensional version of the geometric diamond, but we’re still diggin’ them.

5. Diamond Duvet ($249): Take your diamonds to bed with you with this simple duvet. It’s perfect for a spring switch-up.

6. Diamond Wall Art ($30): It’s gold. It can be wall art or desk art. It needs to go in your house right now.

7. Diamond Pendant ($99): There may or may not be DIYs of this beautiful pendant light.

8. Gem Speaker ($40): It doesn’t get much better than playing your tunes through a giant hot pink diamond. Dance party time.

9. DIY Diamond Nightlight: This simple DIY will literally shine bright like a diamond. We thing RiRi would approve. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

10. Diamond Print ($23): We’re not sure marble, leather and diamonds could come together in a classier print than this one.

11. Diamond Wallpaper ($75): Aren’t you glad wallpaper is in? Now you can get away with a statement wall in any room you choose.

12. Diamond Terrarium ($65): Can we just say that we adore this gem-shaped terrarium kit? Now you have an excuse for more air plants.

13. Diamond Chair ($145): Whether this goes in your living room or on your front porch, it will add a good dose of color and shine.

Do you have any diamond decorations in your home? Tell us below!